Best Internet Services Providers for Gamers in the USA

Best Internet Services Providers for Gamers in the USA

As a gamer, it can be tricky to find the best internet service in your area. However, the best internet service provider doesn’t always offer the fastest internet plans.

Lagging and slow internet download/upload speeds can turn your evening of fun gaming into a nightmare. This is particularly important when it comes to gaming because online gaming doesn’t typically require heavy downloading activity. 

The kind of internet connection you go for can make or break your online gaming experience. This is why we have narrowed down some of the best internet service providers for gamers in the US based on the following key metrics:

  • Download/upload speed
  • Latency rate
  • Data Caps
  • Availability 

Things to Consider

When looking for an internet service provider, there are some things to consider to identify your needs. The same is applied when choosing an internet service for online gaming.

  • How many devices will be connected to the internet?
  • How will people, connected to your network, be using the internet?
  • What time will they be using it?
  • What is your budget?
  • How many devices stream online gameplay videos?

The answer to these questions will help to narrow down a blueprint to getting the best internet plan for your online gaming needs. 

Best ISP for Gamers in the US = Xfinity 

We recommend signing up for Xfinity Internet as it is overall one of the best ISP available for gamers in the US. 

Xfinity offers the fastest cable internet connection with speeds ranging from 50 Mbps to 1 Gbps, with latency rates at < 30ms. Its data caps are around 1 TB which leaves you plenty of data for smooth online gaming. 

Xfinity is widely available in the US so it’s likely that you’ll find its services in your locality.  You can also enjoy excellent Xfinity customer service that is available around the clock to help you solve any Xfinity queries.

Cheapest ISP for Gamers in the US = Spectrum

Spectrum offers fast internet speeds for online gaming experiences. But that doesn’t mean fast gaming experiences have to be expensive. It can be affordable like Spectrum and still be able to provide super-fast internet speeds. 

Spectrum doesn’t have any data caps, which means you can play online gaming as much as you want. Spectrum’s latency rate is up to 30ms or less with up to 200 to 500 Mbps in downloading speed and 15-20 Mbps as uploading speed. 

Check out to find out the availability of Spectrum service in your region. 

Best ISP for Gamers in Rural Areas in the US = Armstrong

Even gamers living in far-off or rural areas can enjoy fast internet speeds. Check out Armstrong Internet in your locality. 

Armstrong offers both cable and fiber internet connection, though its fiber optic internet connection is the fastest available in rural areas. You will find internet speeds for downloading up to 940 Mbps and uploading up to 20 Mbps. The data caps are unlimited for most Armstrong internet connections. 

How to Choose the Best Internet Service Provider

It depends on your gaming habits. If you are playing something low-key as solitaire or Candy Crush, then you don’t need to worry much about the internet speed. But if you are a regular PS or Xbox player, then you do need an internet bandwidth that will meet those demands. 

Check Download/Upload Speeds

Your internet should be fast enough to meet your online gaming needs. If multiple people are using the internet, then you need to broaden it. 

Go for an internet connection with a download speed of 100 Mbps for casual gamers. Your upload speed should be at least 10 Mbps. 

Check Latency Rate

The latency rate is crucial when it comes to online gaming. 

The term latency or lag refers to how long it takes for your network to send and receive data. The faster the lag, the faster will be your online gameplay, and vice versa. 

The acceptable latency rates for online gaming are 20ms-50ms. 

Check Data Caps

 It means how much data you have left in your internet plan. 

Some ISPs offer unlimited data plans, but most of them are limited. This means that your data could run out before the end of the month and you can’t stream your gameplay anymore: you may experience slow internet or loss of data. 

Make sure that the internet plan you subscribe to has at least a 1TB data cap in its plan. 

Wrapping Up

With so many ISPs in the country, it isn’t easy to find the best internet service provider for online gaming. Just use the tips we have mentioned in the article to narrow down your internet needs and your budget, and you’ll just finally have a couple of options to choose from!

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