Top 11 Items in Rocket League You Should Know About

Items in Rocket League You Should Know About

The fantastic vehicular soccer video game Rocket League has been flexing its extraordinary experience by heading to the garage and whipping up an awesome car design.

Psyonix brought this game that allows the player to play soccer with rocket-powered cars and score points over the course of battle.

Here you will find many players who opt to buy their favorite esports teams‘ stripes from the esports store, while others might enjoy buying decals and wheels to create stunning car bodies that will ramp up the skies while competing in battle.

Rocket League has brought various unique items such as toppers, antenna and many more that help you to enhance your gameplay and increase your chances of winning.

So today, in this article, we have brought the top 11 collections of items used in Rocket League.  

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Top 11 items in Rocket League that boost your gameplay

Rocket League game includes single-player and multiplayer modes allowing you to play offline and online, including cross-platform play between all versions.

With the offering of playing soccer with cars, Rocket League has created its specialty in gaming zone by introducing these 11 items that increase your winning possibility in the match.

  1. Alpha Rewards

Alpha Rewards are the rarest and most expensive items ever in the history of Rocket League.

These rewards offer Golden Nugget as an antenna, Gold Cap as a topper, Goldstone as wheels, and Gold Rush as a boost that are only limited to the players who have signed up for the Alpha Test of Rocket League.

Only a few people have access to this item, and they are often traded with top-tier professional players.

  1. Titanium White Dominus 

Titanium white Dominus is one of the rarest in-demand cars that has taken over from Octane’s body. The Dominus is one of the most popular cars used in the Rocket League, with Titanium White being its color that is stunning with a bright white border.

This painted variant of the Dominus is the cooler version, and you will desire to have it in your garage.

  1. Titanium White Octane

Titanium white Octane is an ultra-rare item in Rocket League and is only available through crafting or online sales.

This most popular battle car with a clean, white trim around its fenders but is like a holy grail item. But you can get this painted Octane through rl item trading offered by igitems.

  1. Decennium Pro

Decennium Pro is another rarest wheel brought by Psyonix in 2017. They are golden-trimmed alloy wheels and were offered to only those who attended the RLCS Season 3 World Championship final which means very few of them had them.

  1. Decals

 Decals are other unique items offered by Rocket League, and every car has a unique collection of decals that can be unlocked in different ways.

These are the customization option where you will find 11 Decals like a backfire, breakout, gizmo, hotshot, merc, octane, palladian, road hog, venom, and X-Devil.

Each represents a single item and records the number of saves performed while equipped. You can get access to those decals from crates, trade-ins, player trading, DLC packs, or Rocket pass.

  1. Monstercat

The unique item is brought by Psyonix while collaborating with Monstercat, the electronic record label that is the supplier of many game soundtracks.

This wheel boasted passive sounds to jam out to in matches and was only given to Rocket League x Monstercat: Greatest Hits vinyl pre-order customers. Which means now you can’t get them.

  1. White Hat

The white hat is the rarest item, known as a special topper, and is limited to only a handful of players. This item was given to the players who found game-breaking exploits and reported them to Psyonix. They can be traded but are the most expensive item in Rocket League.

  1. Toppers

Rocket League comes with 18 different topper collectibles like a bobby helmet, brünnhilde, mariachi hat, propeller head, sombrero, and many more. These items are awarded to you after completing the match successfully. These items are rare and are a kind of customization given to your car. 

  1. Grey Apex

The grey apex is the rarest wheel and can be obtained through random Twitch drops. To get this item, you must be an incredibly loyal devotee of Rocket League esports. You may obtain them by playing competitive Rocket League (RLCS or Psyonix-backed tournaments, but they don’t appear too often.

  1. Rocket Trails

Rocket League has 36 different rocket trail types like data stream, bubbles, confetti, flamethrower, snowflakes, sparkles, and many more. Players are awarded each of these at the end of each game until they have collected everything. The trails are the cosmetics that come from a Battle Car’s wheels while moving at supersonic speeds and record the length of time it has been used while equipped.

  1. Antenna

You will find 34 different antenna collectibles, which also include 87 different country flags of Australia, Cape Verde Islands, Germany, Jamaica, and many more.

While focusing on the antenna, you will find the edge of the space, shadow gate, strike vector EX, UFO, and many more that can make your car look cool in the match. You unlocked it from the start, and it only counts as one antenna.

Here you will find a digiglobe antenna categorized as an uncommon rarity. Only a few people have it who participated in tournament cups season 1


Rocket League has become a popular, fun, and exciting game because of its unique approach towards soccer, that is played using rocket-powered cars.

This game has captivated players around the world and offered them various items that boost their gameplay.

These Rocket League 11 items like alpha rewards, titanium white octane, titanium white dominus, decennium pro, monstercat, grey apex, rocket trail, decals, antenna, and toppers are some of the most popular items that have unique features and powers that increase your chances of winning the match.

Whether you are an expert player or a newcomer, these items can help you become a better player and enjoy the game even more.

You will find various trading sites that offer these items, but before you buy, investigate the seller, reviews about items, and the price to enrich your Rocket League gaming experience.

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