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Manoj Chauhan: Founder

About my work Experience? I started writing in 2019 for Digital marketing agency in India. There I build interest in writing and learned skills in digital marketing. I used to write for various business, industries in various niches. Within a few months of working for the agency, I launched to pursue my interest in gaming and Technology while practising digital marketing.

My Education: I completed my graduation in Bachelor of Computer Application, where I build strong knowledge about computer applications,coding and computer hardware. 

My current role in Cominggames: I’m Responsible for the Content research, content writing, website SEO and all the other stuff which is required to make the best content for you. 

So If see any flaw in the content or any problem you can directly contact me.. I’ll be happy to hear your feedback and questions.

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Manoj Chauhan

Entrepreneur and digital marketer as a profession and Gamer by birth

Bhushan Verma: Co-founder

About my work Experience? I have always been fascinated by the technology and online gaming,which led me to the cominggames. I’m a software engineer, and worked as software engineer for many tech  companies and for various other platforms professionally. 

My current role in Cominggames: As a Software Engineer, I am responsible for all the tech content on ComingGames. I make sure that you get tech information, which is 100% accurate. I also handle SEO Part of the Cominggames so that you can easily find us on Google…

Co-founder Cominggames

Bhushan Verma

Software Engineer and Entrepreneur as a Profession tech geek by birth.