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Find Out Who’s On The Team Of The Cominggames

author image manoj chauhan

Entrepreneur and Digital Marketer as a Profession and Gamer by birth

About my work Experience:

I started writing and Doing SEO in 2019 for Digital marketing agency in India. There I build interest in writing and learned skills in digital marketing. I used to write for various business, industries in various niches. Within a few months of working for the agency, I launched Cominggames to pursue my interest in gaming and Digital Marketing while practising digital marketing job.

My Education:

I completed my graduation in Bachelor of Computer Application From Chandigarh University, where I build strong knowledge about computer applications, coding, computer hardware and Digital Marketing. 

My current role in Cominggames:

I have been playing the game since I was 12 years old. I still remember playing 2D games like contra, Mario etc through 90s gaming consoles  with my friends all day. 

I’m Responsible for the Content research, website SEO and all the other stuff which is required to make the best content for you.

So If see any flaw in the content or any problem you can directly contact me.. I’ll be happy to hear your feedback and questions.

Amit Metha

Amit metha writer at cominggames

Hi! I Am Amit Mehta. I’ve been passionate about games since my childhood. I have spent hours playing Super Contra and Mario on my 8bit console. I’m a die-hard Resident Evil fan.  My keen interest in gaming made me follow video game blogs and forums which enhanced my writing skills too. I love to dig-up hidden gems and walkthroughs in games so that I can create interesting content related to PC, console, and mobile gaming. Love-Cominggames!