9 Most Playable League of Legends Roles

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League of Legends is a five-on-five game with 10 different positions to choose from. Some are more well-known than others, but they all have a role in the game.

People frequently wonder as to which League of Legends roles are the most enjoyable.

Now you don’t have to wonder any longer. The player’s champion pool and the team’s demands typically dictate these roles.

While some champions may fill numerous roles, there are a select handful that shine out in each. Knowing which role to play is crucial to becoming a great League of Legends player.

In this post, we’ll look at the most commonly portrayed roles and why they’re so popular.

Top Laner

The top Laner is a tanky champion that does a lot of damage over time. They’re the ones that take all the harassment in lane and can retaliate with a lot of damage.

Their main purpose is to live and farm, which they can do very simply because of their high hitpoints and resistances. A top Laner’s job is to create things that offer them the maximum health and resistances so that they can be a good tank.

In team battles, it is the major job to absorb damage and assist in the protection of the carriers.

Furthermore, with their high-damage skills, they are the ones that start team battles. Top lane heroes may do damage, tank, and engage or drag foes off of allies through crowd control.


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The tank’s objective is to absorb as much damage as possible so that other champions are not injured or killed while fighting.

They’re normally more powerful than other positions, but not always quicker. These characters are fantastic tanks for teams who desire some extra protection from enemy attacks during conflicts between teams of ten players on each side since they can take a hammering without dying.

Since it doesn’t matter whether you die quickly, a tank doesn’t require mobility. It merely needs to survive long enough before committing itself. Tanks also usually have skills that allow them to save comrades from death.


Fighters are similar to tankers, but their primary goal is to deliver damage rather than receive it. A fighter, often known as a “bruiser” or “glass cannon,” is a tank that has stronger offensive capabilities than its tank equivalent.

They’re squishier, yet when properly prepared for war, they still have the strength of ten soldiers behind them!

This makes these characters excellent at knocking out opposing champions in team battles since they will frequently do so before being knocked out themselves owing to their general low durability (and thus easier targets).


The jungle is a position that has recently garnered a lot of traction. Since it necessitates a wide range of champion options, it’s one of the most adaptable roles in the game. Junglers are in charge of snatching wraiths, wolves, and dragons from the enemy.

They’re also responsible for bolstering teammates and ganking their opponents. It’s also in charge of clearing passageways between lanes, as well as assisting teammates by ganking opposing champions and surprising them with surprise strikes from behind trees or bushes.

Since you must know where your opponents are before they do anything unexpected, this job necessitates rapid thinking. A competent jungler will constantly be aware of where everyone on their team is at any given time, ensuring that nothing catches them off guard.

Mid Laner

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The Mid Lane role is a flexible damage dealer with the potential to routinely overpower their opponents.

They can take a lot of punishment while also inflicting a lot of agony, and they may often change into formidable bruisers as their power grows. It is the mid laner’s responsibility to protect their other lanes from danger.

This is done by ganking (surprise assaulting) the enemy in neighboring lanes, allowing an ally champion to obtain a kill or push their opponent out of the lane for a short time. The most effective Mid Laners can inflict massive amounts of damage with hefty crowd control skills while maintaining high mobility and sustain. It is one of the most popular roles in LoL.


The ADC (attack damage carry) is one of League of Legends’ more visible positions, since they are in charge of throwing out massive quantities of auto-attack based damage from distance.

Furthermore, ADCs are often weak characters that rely on the protection of their teammates in order to safely inflict their high levels of damage while avoiding being killed in the process.

Furthermore, many ADCs have excellent mobility and utility to aid them in escaping their foes and providing support for the rest of their team, which contributes to their popularity.


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The ADC’s key guardian and facilitator is the support. They don’t deal as much damage as other positions, but they’re crucial in protecting their teammates and supporting them when they can.

Supports are usually healers or shields who defend them from bad effects like crowd control. It’s the most important part of their gear. Supports may also assist ally champions in moving across the battlefield rapidly, which is a valuable asset in a game when map control is so vital.


The assassin is a top laner who focuses on eliminating opposing champions. They have a number of talents that allow them to attack their opponents from behind and then run before being discovered.

They’re also known for their great mobility, which allows them to flee quickly after successfully carrying out an assassination attempt on one of their opponents. Furthermore, assassins are often poor in the early game, but after they’ve reached their full potential, they become immensely strong.


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The bruiser is a tanking and damage-dealing laner who specializes in tanking and dishing damage. They are difficult to knock down due to their strong health and shield values. They also do a lot of damage, making it easy for them to clear minion waves.

The opponent team frequently fears bruisers because of their combination of survival and attacking powers. In every competitive encounter, bruisers play an important role in allowing their team to take the fight to the opponent.


To conclude, the roles listed above are the most common in League of Legends. Knowing which part to play is essential to become a great player, and each role comes with its own set of advantages.

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