Games: These titles are important in 2024

Year after year, game manufacturers make the hearts of numerous fans beat faster. No wonder, some have had itching fingers for years.

But the manufacturers hardly let themselves be seen in the cards. So the announcement of the release date is almost like a game of chance in the casino.

With tips & tricks on how to win at slots, luck can be influenced a little. But to get the new game faster, there is no support! Here it is called drink tea and wait. We have taken a closer look at the game titles announced for 2024. And we found out that one or the other surprise is waiting here.

FIFA 2024? An era is coming to an end!

A shock that hits the soccer fanatics at the keys hard! In principle, the end of iconic soccer is not sealed, but there is a big change coming. Why?

The licensing agreement signed between FIFA and EA Sport is now coming to an end after 10 years. As is so often the case, the reason for the split after years of marriage between gaming and soccer is, well, money! For the current ten-year agreement, EA Sports paid a whopping 500 million. For another four years, FIFA wanted to collect say and write 1 billion US dollars from EA Sport.

That was too much for the game producer, which ultimately led to a separation. The highlight of the affair? The world governing body FIFA announced that they want to launch their own soccer series on the market with immediate effect. So it goes on with FIFA 2024, but without EA Sport. Without further ado, they decided to continue the FIFA series under a different name with EA Sport FC.

According to the manufacturer, there will be no major changes. The well-known FIFA game modes as well as all teams with real player names, stadiums and leagues will continue to exist. Finally, the manufacturer concluded exclusive partnerships with numerous clubs and leagues.

It’s interesting to see how FIFA plans to handle a mammoth task of this size. After all, the game developers are facing a complete reprogramming of an online soccer game. And according to the announcement of the biggest soccer organization on the planet, FIFA 2024 won’t be their only game. They have already announced an online game of this format for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar in the fall.

The complete reboot of Everwild announced for 2024!

The game developer Rare knows how to convince with its games! They have already proven that several times in the past with Banjo-Kazooie or Donkey Kong. For a long time, the rumor about a reboot of the game Everwild has been persistent. For all those who have question marks flashing in their eyes: This is a really pretty open world game. In it, players are drawn into a thriving world full of fascinating landscapes and creatures.

Ten years ago, in 2014, there was already a first prototype of the game. We’re talking about a ten-year development phase, if nothing good comes of it? For now, it remains to be seen whether the date is really up-to-date or the release will be delayed even further. Fresh news regarding Everwild will probably not be available until 2023.

Battlefield – will redemption finally come in 2024 after the disaster?

Let’s be honest from the start! EA and DICE didn’t exactly get the fans on their side with the last released version of Battlefield 2042. There was talk of a disaster, but instead of hanging their heads, the team got straight to work and is already planning redemption for 2024. The story won’t be easy, after all, the disaster triggered numerous discussions and drove away fans in some places.

Is anything known about the game’s content yet? Understandably, the developers there hardly let themselves be seen in the cards. One thing is for sure, it will certainly be another first-person shooter game with single-player, multiplayer or campaign options. For more information, fans will unfortunately have to wait for the official announcement from the developers.

People Can Fly with the big vision!

Not long ago, the game developer People Can Fly was able to impress gamers’ hearts with the game Outriders. If you think that this was a flash in the pan, you should read the next lines carefully. Meanwhile, it is already known that People Can Fly has already attracted several productions.

This would also fit to the announcement of the official site. There they published that in the future high-quality games with a short production time should go to the market. On top of that, the new strategy also includes lowering the budget, expanding the production team and covering new genres.

So it really remains to be seen what People Can Fly has to offer us in the future!

Will we be back in Liberty City in 2024? GTA 6

Grand Theft Auto, a game with which Rockstar has been enchanting the gaming world for several years. But after GTA 5 in 2013, the release is a long time coming. Rumors?

Plenty of them, but we hear something different from every corner. Sometimes in 2026, sometimes in 2023, or will the long-awaited wait end in 2024?

Finally, we’ll be able to take to the streets of Liberty City again. Or will the sixth part take place in a fictional world, like the second part before it? If the developers don’t come out with a release date, they won’t give us much insight into the new game. So for us it’s wait and see and keep an eye on the news!

Is there at least a small assumption about the game? The game stands for violence, sex and drugs. Therefore, it can be assumed that the next part will also feature classic 18 in a red box. It would be at least very surprising if Rockstar takes a different path in this game.

Conclusion – many things are possible, almost nothing is certain!

The sales launch of a game is only certain when it is available in stores or in the store. Before that, the manufacturer can postpone the launch at will and, as we all know, that has already happened many times. Even if under different command, it will be quite sure that FIFA 2024 will be released on time like every year.

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