Why Do I Suck at Video Games? Become Pro from Noob

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There are more than 500 highly paid professionals gamers around the globe! Why do I suck at video games? If you want to become a professional video gamer but face this dilemma, I will help you find the answer to this question. 

As gamers, often we come across difficulties in playing our favorite games. No matter what genre, every video gamer has their favorite one but often many of us can’t play them the way we want to.

If you are also not able to get the best out of your video game sessions, read this blog!

Why do I suck at video games? Top 7 reasons

Wondering why you aren’t able to perform well when playing your favorite video games These reasons might be responsible for the same!

  • Your gaming hardware might not be up-to-date.
  • Your video game console/pc might need a software upgrade.
  • You are not practicing the way it’s meant to be done.
  • Your ISP is not providing high-speed connectivity.
  • Your practice competition is not challenging.
  • You might not be at the top state of health.
  • You are not on a proper diet!

The above 7 reasons for sucking at video games might sound weird but they highly affect your gaming performance.

Check out below how you can overcome sucking at video games and can perform better every day.

Use the right equipment

Ergonomics matter a lot when playing video games. Be it a joystick, gamepad, mouse, or keyboard, if they are not of top quality, you may experience jitter or lag when playing video games.

I always recommend playing video games on quality hardware.

Play every day, practice every day

Practice matters a lot! If you are a video game lover, I recommend playing video games every day. Practicing video games will make you know your strength and weakness and overcome them.

If you are wondering why do I suck at playing video games, follow the above tips to play like a pro. 

Practice with competition 

Esports consume time and energy and so require leveling up. If you are practicing each day with limited competition or no competition at all, your game won’t improve. To make sure you don’t suck at video games when becoming  a pro gamer, remember to take gaming sessions with tough gamers.

By practicing each day with the rising competition you might lose but it’ll help to improve your video game skills in the coming times.

Learn from mistakes

Esports can be unforgiving when playing among top seeders of the sport. When practicing like  a noob will help you learn a lot of things. Experience is the biggest teacher and this will also help in improving your gaming skills a lot.

When practicing, learn new things and techniques. This will help you stand ahead of the competition and overcome the suck-effect you feel when playing video games.

Eat healthily, stay healthy

If you love to play video games and want to become a pro gamer, eat a healthy diet. When playing video games your energy is consumed. Physical, as well as mental exertion, can make you perform low, and therefore, I recommend eating a nutritious diet.

If right now you are consuming more junk and less healthy eats, shift the diet and observe the change for yourself.

Stay Hydrated

Water constitutes more than 50% percent of our body. Lack of water due to over-exerting can affect your reflexes. Therefore we recommend our players stay hydrated. This helps you to become a pro player from noob by giving your body a metabolic boost.

Trust me, the above measures might sound like a doctor’s diet but help to overcome the things that are keeping you away from becoming a professional gamer.

Well, the above things might sound quite simple but trust me, they work pretty well.

I’ve been playing video games since I was a child. I also sucked at video games at the initial stage but with practice, I became a pro-gamer. 

Playing video games each day and learning new skills were the top priorities that I worked upon each day.

Winding up the session of not sucking at video games, here are some tips I want you to follow when practicing video games.

  • Take rest when playing for prolonged hours.
  • Don’t skip your meals and consume water when needed.
  • Try to avoid the junk, if not, eat it less.
  • Listen to your parents, don’t skip your studies.
  • Get mixed with a gaming community.
  • Give and accept suggestions freely.
  • Avoid unnecessary arguments.

SO my dear Coming Games community members, this was all from me, Manoj Chauhan for now. I’ll be coming up with more blogs that will help you improve your video gaming skills. Don’t forget to subscribe to Coming Games on Youtube.


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    As someone who’s sucked at video games his whole life honestly this means so much to me. It means I can get better… thank you I really needed this to keep hope

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