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Best 27 Games to Play with Friends Online in 2020

best games to play online

This is one of the most researched gaming articles about the best online games to play with friends on the internet. I’ve not only looked for multiplayer games or a bunch of games to play with friends.

But I’m going to show you all the best friends games online on the bases of graphics, gameplay, most played games on the internet. Some are free multiplayer games and some are paid multiplayer games. 

All these games are just rocked the gaming industry and when you play these games will friends you’ll be enjoying these games so much as this list contains action games, Multiplayer horror games, battle royale games, and many other categories.  

There are so many games but most of them are boring and you search “for online games to play with friends “ which indicates you love your friends and want to spend an awesome time with them while playing games.

So let’s get started with the best games to play with friends online list which will never disappoint you and your friends. Beware all games included in the list are heavy games that have the best graphics with more realistic features and require good enough PC. we also have created a separate list for mini multiplayer fun games which I bet you’ll die of a laugh with friends. 

Best 27 Games to Play with Friends Online on PC, Xbox and PS 2020

27. Elite Dangerous

Developer: Frontier Developments

Released:  October 2015, PS 4 version on 27 June 2017

Available on: PC, Xbox, PS, Mac

Furistics fighting spaceships equipped with the latest tech, weapons, special attention given to every small aspect. This is a solo, multiplayer game, which is crafted so beautifully. You get to explore the open Milkyway galaxy in this game with tons of stuff to do.  

As said earlier I’ll try to include almost every type of multiplayer game which is the best and fun to play. This game is also popular games that sold over 500,000 copies by the end of the year 2015. It was the first game in this category to feature online multiplayer with access to Open world Play. 

If I talk about the gameplay in short then it’s taking place in future and the game starts with the player sitting in the spaceship with little money, now you have to explore other stars and role-play various activities to make money.

26.Sea of Thieves

developer: Rare 

released: 20 March 2018

Available: PC, Xbox

Sea of Thieves is absolutely one of the nicest action-adventure multiplayer game, with a beautiful world. This game at the starting has 2 different ships, a bunch of small beautiful Islands to explore and 3 different quests. In this game, you got to play the role of the pirates.  

What you do in this game is simple. You go onto the Islands, collect items, bring it back for gold and buy something for yourself or buy a new sail. But how you do this, which is the super fun part of the game especially with your friends. 

You can either play this game as a solo or with Multiplayer of up to four players. Sea of Thieves has both mods co-operative and PvsP combat which you definitely going to love. 

In the begging, this game hated by people because of less content but in 2019 they brought many updates and continued doing it and added more surprises to the game. Still, in 2020 you must try this game belive me you won’t regret this game. 

25. Star Wars Battlefront 2

Developer: EA DICE, Criterion Software, Motive Studios

Released: November 17, 2017

Available: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Who is the fan of Star Wars? If you’re one of them, then this game is for you. The storyline of the game is short and had an excellent multiplayer mode. This is an action shooter video game base on popular movie Star Wars. Gameplay-wise it is a lot of fun folks.  

This game contains heroes and villains that can be played on the bases of the character of star war movies. There are many things to choose from and handling your avatar is pretty awesome and keeps this game engaging.

Various Gameplay mode in star wars Battlefront 2

  • Galactic Assault
  • Capital Supremacy
  • Heroes vs. Villains
  • Hero Showdown
  • Starfighter Assault
  • Hero Starfighters
  • Strike
  • Blast
  • Ewok Hunt
  • Extraction
  • Jetpack Cargo

24. Dauntless

Developer: Phoenix Labs

Beta version: 2018, May

Released: September 26, 2019

Available: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Dauntless is a free-to-play action role-playing video game. It takes most of the best part of the Capcom iconic franchise and redeploys in a way that is accessible and fun with a whole lot of less baggage. 

The only thing you’ll do in this game is slaughtering. There’s not much to do you’re out in the wild chopping off tails, dogging fireballs and slaying enormous beast. In your game, every monster you kill you get a crafting material like armor, feathers that can be used in crafting weapons and armor based on vary the same monster. 

This game also played by up to 4 players which will increase the fun of this game while playing with your friends. So if you love slaughtering monsters with your friends then this game could be one of the best games to play with friends online.

23. For Honor

Developer: Ubisoft

Released: 14, February 2017 

Available: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Now it’s time to go back in old ages, use strategies to fought some wars and slaughter some of our enemies. Honour is a third-person action game highly strategic complex fighting game that you can play either as solo or in a team. 

Do you know what’s the best part of this game you got to play roles of historical forms of soldiers and warriors, from various franchises including knights, samurai and my favorite Vikings. 

Here are multiplayer modes of For Honor: 

  • Dominion: 
  • Brawl: 
  • Duel: 
  • Ranked Duel: 
  • Skirmish: 
  • Elimination: 
  • Tribute: 
  • Breach:

22. Warframe

Developer: Digital Extremes

Released:25 March2013

Available: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch (November 20)

Warframe is free to play cooperative action role-playing and third-person shooter multiplayer online games. The popularity of the is that you dig deeper into the different galaxies for action and adventure while choosing your avatar. This is never-ending game due to its constant update players are playing this game for years now. 

This game totally different adventure about the universe. For playing you can choose from different frames(character) with their own abilities. These frames totally look like aliens and some frame has highly specialized capabilities that you goona love to play with you guys. 

Now move over different galaxies to complete the diverse missions which are endless in this game and each mission has its own adventure fun. If you love galaxies, space adventure must check out this game

21. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Developer: Treyarch, Beenox, Raven Software

Released: 12 October 2018

Available: PC, PS4, Xbox One

This game is another hit battle royal game in the list with good graphic, the gameplay is simple to survive till last out of other players. You jump out of the plane and from the map you can choose the location where you can find the loot.

You can hover in the helicopter or use vehicles like trucks and squat bikes to move around into the map. You always have to stay inside the zone. The game concept is much similar to the other game but it is different in gameplay and character. 

It’s a paid game but you can play call of duty for free but on Mobile. Still, they have given you the opting to play call of duty mobile on PC which you can try before buying this game. Because everything is same but there will be slight changes in controls.

20. Rocket League

Developer: Psyonix

Released on: 7 July 2015

Available for: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Have you ever wonder about playing football matches with cars, crashing each into each other to hit the goal. If not then this game you must try out. I bet your friends don’t wanna hit the goal as much they’ll be enjoying crashing their car into your booooom…

Basically, Rocket League is a vehicular multiplayer soccer game that can be played with friends. Vehicles are rocket-powered and each team can have up to 4 players. You can play as a solo or in multiplayer. Play this game as locally and online which is kinda cool know. 

In short, you must try this game if you like to do something crazy and you had enough with fps games. This game will be fun to play with friends online or locally. League is a good multiplayer game for gamers who are looking for something new crazy fun game.

19. Tom Clancy’s The Division

Developer: Ubisoft, Massive Entertainment, Red Storm Entertainment

Released: 12 March 2019

Available: PC, PS4, Xbox One

The Division definitely going to give you a different taste of enjoyment with your friends online. It’s a  third-person online tactical shooter game that you can play online with your friends. Don’t get the wrong idea-its, not a battle royale game.  It is an action role-playing third-person shooter game. 

Tom Clancy’s The Division gives options to play it as cooperative and player Vs player online. In role-playing you are in the city of new york with your friends and city is going through some viral disease and your work as a special agent is to help the groups to rebuild operation, combat the local criminal activities etc. 

It looks Ubisoft has really worked on this game to give it many unique elements that you can play it with your friend. The graphic looks damn good and there are many little elements that will keep this game interested. So must check this out once to know how it feels to play this game with friends online.

18. Heroes of the Storm

developer: Blizzard Entertainment 

Released on June 2, 2015

Available: PC, macOS

This time also for one more MOBA genre game which might be not as cool as others in the list but this one is also worth your time. They have done a tremendously great job in making this game and keep you and your friends engaging in the battle for a long time. 

This game brings together heroes from across Blizzard’s and also the battlegrounds from Warcraft, Diablo, StarCraft, and Overwatch universes. If you’re MOBA games fan then this game could bring a different experience for you and your friends. 

Game modes of heroes of the storm: 

  • Tutorials 
  • Training 
  • Versus A.I
  • Quick match 
  • Unranked 
  • Ranked
  • Heroes Brawl 
    • Arenas 
    • Mutators 
    • Single-Lanes 
  • Custom Games

17. Titanfall 2

Developer: Respawn Entertainment

Released: 28, October 2016

Available: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Wooo….do you want to fight in future with robots and lots of futuristic crazy stuff then titanfall 2 is for you. It also has a story mode, as well as a multiplay mode which means you can rock this game with your, closest buddy. 

Multiplayer mode of this game is intense, quick, more addictive packed with action. I guess you don’t want anything else in the game which you can play with your friends online. That, not all my friends, the game becomes even more intense in pilot vs pilot mode where you call you robot and hop into that robot to fight with your enemy which is simply addictive. 

16. Rainbow Six Siege

Developer: Ubisoft

Available: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Released: December 1, 2015

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is a bit like cs: go but lot’s of different things in which co-operation is the key. This is not like you just go alone and hope to get many kills. No dude it a highly technical team-based first-person shooter game. 

So, If I talk about the gameplay Therese lot you can do in this game. Take the look at the video gameplay to understand the gameplay and enjoy a glimpse of the game. 

Modes in Rainbow six siege: 

  • Hostage
  • Bomb
  • Secure Area
  • Tactical Realism 
  • Terrorist Hunt’
  • Situation 
  • overbreak

15. Destiny 2

Developer: Bungie

Released: September 6, 2017

Available: PC, PS4, Xbox One

I like the story animation which is not less than any blockbuster movie. Destiny 2 gameplay feels like the HALO gameplay and puts that HALO features into the massive MMORPG world like the world of warcraft. Character in the game called a guardian. Now enjoy the ride of the different planets with hardcore gameplay. 

Destiny 2 has the same three-character classes as the original Destiny. Each class has its own specific special abilities, upgrades, perks. There are many updates had brought to this game The latest news about the game is now they had launched Destiny2: Shadowkeep for their hardcore Destiny2 audience.

14.Dead by daylight

Developer: Behaviour Interactive

Released: 14 June 2016 for PC, PS and Xbox One in June 2017 and for ios and Android in November 2019

Available: PC, PS4, Xbox One, IOS, Android, Nintendo Switch

It is the deadliest combination of the multiplayer + horror which could be the best game to play with friends if you’ve been thinking about something thrilling. In this game, there are 4 players and one is a cruel killer, it’s like 1v4. 

You have to escape from the killer and survive the game. Another cool thing is that you can download horror franchise characters from Halloween, Left 4 Dead, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Saw, Evil Dead, Scream.

13.Escape From Tarkov

Developer: Russian studio Battlestate Games

Released: 4 August 208 

Available on: PC

Escape from tarkov is one of the most intensive hardcore game I’ve ever played. This also has a story mode as well as multiplayer mode. This game seriously has hardcore realist graphics. You can literally feel the graphic while playing this game with your buddy. 

It is so realistic that it doesn’t have any health bar, or med pack or respawn though you have some painkillers. If you hit any bullet on your arm means your arm won’t heal as long as you’re in the match. If you die you lose every item of your character. There’s no marker on the map which tells where you are and no marker on your teammates’ head. 

This game will make you cry, this will make you laugh and sometime this will f*** your head you might wanna bust your pc screen. So play it on your own risk. This game is totally fun and the gameplay is way different than any other battle royal games. Must try this game if you have guts to play more realistic games.

12. Battlefield 5 Multiplayer

Developer: EA DICE

Released: 9 November 2018

Available for: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Are you ready for battle in which you can blow fighter planes with the rocket launcher, jump right of the plane in the middle of the battle and start killing brutally and do lots of freaking things with other friends online. Hell yeah, then battlefield 5 is for you and your friends to play online. 

After the launch, this game is mostly criticized and the sale went low due to many bugs. But keeping the battlefield legacy alive they launched may update and improve this game a lot. As most of the multiplayer games do have a story mode and this game also has story mode too which you can enjoy playing solo.  

In multiplayer mode you have 3 choices: 

  • Conquest 
  • Grand operation 
  • Infantry focus

There’s a lot to talk about these modes just try this game and you will definitely going to enjoy this game playing your friends online.

11. Minecraft

Developer: Mojang, Microsoft Studios

17 May 2009

Available on: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android

Don’t let the graphics fool you. In the first impression, it looks like some stupid cartoonish game meant for playing for kids only. If you ever think this way then let me clear you Minecraft is only for creative players. 

In mine craft, you choose what you want to do in the game and how you want to play the game. What you basically do in the game is wandering through the world and breakdown the resources you find that allow you to build own structure, weapons, etc. 

Four modes In the game: 

Survival: you’ve to survive from the enemies and zombies

Creative mode: Play this mode if you only want to build buildings.

Adventure mode: In this mode, you can build and experience adventure build by other players. Beware there may be traps all over the building. 

Spectator mode: In this mode, you can spectate what other players are building. 

Do you know what’s the most amazing part of this game you can build whatever you can think of, you can build your own castle or your own Disney world. This game is freaking enjoyable with friends and Rember old is gold. Don’t go by its release date now due to many updates there are lots of new things that have been added into this game.


Developer: Blizzard

Released on: 2 May 2016

Available for: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Overwatch is a massively multiplayer game with a unique thrilling battleground which will definitely entertain you as long as you and your friends playing this game together. This game has excellent 21 characters with unique attacking ability. 

This game divides players into 2 teams with 6 players in each team. Now you have to select the character aka “heroes”.  Each hero has it’s unique capability and the team has to select from 30 players keeping the requirement in mind. 

The player has to defend its control points on the map together for a limited amount of time. This game definitely will be one of the most entertaining games to play with friends on PC. 

Link to download Overwatch>>

9. Dota 2

Developer: Valve

Released on: 9 July 2013

Available: PC, Xbox One, PS

Dota 2 is one of the most intense rewarding multiplayer online battle arena games. In short Dota 2 is played between the 2 teams with 5 players on each side. They have to defend their base on the map. 

Player has to choose from various Character aka “hero” and each hero has their own ability. Your team has to be very careful while selecting the hero as this game is all about strategy and teamwork. 

The team which first destroys the enemy’s Ancient which is a large structure within the base wins the match. During the match, players can collect points and items which help in defeating the enemy’s character. Items and points also help in increasing the power of the character. This game is hell loaded with fun and cool game for playing with friends online. 

8.Fifa Online 4: 

Developer: EA Spearhead

Released on: 17 May 2018 beta

Available: PC

Fifa online 4 is the best FIFA game to play with friends online on PC. If your friends are a FIFA fan then this game can entertain you for a longer time. This game is free to play game and can be played in multiplayer. This massively multiplayer game has developed by EA and published by Nexon. 

Fifa online 4 really worked on their graphics and tried to make every move more realistic. This time EA also redefines the controls to make it more precise and dynamic. They also had improved their A.I of the player. Overall this is one of the best game to play with friends online if you love playing FIFA games

7.Apex legends 

Developer: Respawn Entertainment

Released on: 4 February 209

Available for: PC, Xbox One, PS

Image result for apex legend poster

This game is free to play. After seeing the growing popularity of the PUBG and Fortnite apex legends also launched for free and it also created the sensation in the gaming world and break online user record in the beginning. 

But Now this game is gradually started losing his players. This game is also battle royale game and you can play this game with max 3 players in a team. Avatar on this game has their own capabilities and you can respawn you, teammates, if they were completely dead. 

There are lots of techy things to do in this game and I bet you really going to enjoy this game for playing with your friends.

Download this game for free from here.  

6.Call of Duty: modern warfare

Developer: Beenox, Infinity ward, Raven software, High moon studios

Released on: 25 October 2019

Available for: PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a first-person shooting game but in the latest update they had added best graphics, some cool features with disappointing maps. Which is not expected. 

This game has fast-paced gameplay. Gunplay of this game is one of the best ever seen in COD games.

They are more focused on realism which does feel while playing the game. However, there are certain things missing which I’d expected to see in the 2019 update.  

Rest I like playing this game so much and Moder Warfare could be one of the best games to play with your friends online if you’re looking for playing something realistic fast-paced gameplay.

Multiplayer modes in COD: Modern warfare: 

  • Team deathmatch: In this mode, two teams will face off to eliminate the opposition. Whose team first scores the points wins the match. 
  • Domination: An objective mode in which two teams fight for control over three objective points.
  • Free for all:  This mode is similar to Team Deathmatch but the only difference is there is no team in this match. To win this match you just have to eliminate as many other players as you can before the time and/or score limit.
  • GunFight: this is a 2v2  in which there will be no respawns on small maps. Every player will be using the same weapon and loadout items that rotate every two rounds.
  • Ground War: In this mode, you can use vehicles and advance weapons to win the objective.


PUBG game to play with friends online

I know you might be asking why pubg first of all you must know that it’s not only best on pc but best game on the mobile phone too. Now they also launched a free version of PUBG for pc called PUBG pc lite which is free to play.

In pubg, the best part is that you can play it with your friends and the worst part is only 4 players can join a time. You can do voice chat with them, interesting part of the game is when you play with friends you have so much fun to do in-game.

Your squad has to fight against 96 other live players in which you can ride a car, bikes and you have to kill and save your friend’s life. It’s a game of patience, using the right techniques, coordination, and best aim.

You’ll definitely enjoy PUBG playing with your friends and you can make lots of new friends and maybe a new date if you were lucky.

So best of luck with that. Due to these reasons, we listed this game at the 5th position in the list of top 27 games to play with friends online in 2020.

PUBG PC Price:  $29.99 + in-game purchase

Mobile Price: free( in-game purchase)

Pubg pc lite: free


best online game to play with friends
best online game to play with friends

If you’re a professional gamer or thinking about becoming one then this game is for you. All the professional players take birth with these games you can play it with your friends too.

Playing this game will help you to master your aim because cs: go has very fast gameplay. They have so many maps like Desert, Dust2, train, log, etc. you can play matches with your friends. 

It has different modes to play the game, if you play casual then you can play 10 vs 10 either as a terrorist or as a counter-terrorist( it’s your choices what you want to become). 

You can play cs: go in various modes :

  • Deathmatch
  • Arms Race
  • Demolition
  • Classic Casual & Competitive
  • Danger Zone( it’s like a battle royal )
  • Community Servers
  • Leagues

Price: free( premium account is paid)

3.GTA Online:

best oniine games to play with freinds
best online games to play with friends

GTA Online was released on 1 Oct 2013 for PlayStation and Xbox 360. First, it was launched in offline mode after then it was launched in online mode in which up to 30 players can join to play the open-world game.

This is an open-world game and you have so many things to do. This is one of the best online games to play with friends or you can make new friends here. 

GTA Online has its own fun. If you’re GTA games fan then you know how enjoyable these games were, you can ride bikes, cars, jets, you can jump from large buildings and messing with cops (best enjoyable part of the game); What if you can do all these things with your best friends.

You can enter their lobbies to complete missions. This is the best game to play with friends online.

Price : (

2.League of legends:

best online games to play with friends
Image credit: Google Images

 League of legends is a third-person multiplayer online battle arena (mob) game. This game you can play online with your friends. It’s a 5 vs 5 battleground where your team has 5 member and your opponents also have 5 members. 

To win the match you have to do teamwork and character you’re controlling are called champions and each character has their unique capabilities.

League of legends is also very engaging online game to play with friends, the match lasts about 20 to 60 minutes. Currently, this game has 3 modes Summoner’s Rift, Twisted Treeline, and Howling Abyss.

You have to destroy your enemies building which is called Nexus, and your enemy will fight back to save their building. So, it’s a very engaging and enjoyable game to play hence it’s at 3rd position in our top 5 list of best games to play with friends. 

price :$100.00 ( amazon)


fortnite update
best game to play with friends

Fortnite is one of the best games to play with friends. It’s more similar to PUBG as it is a battle royal.

The gameplay is the same as PUBG but it is different in terms of graphics, maps, Weapons, and playing modes.

In this game, you can play in a solo, duo or in the squad and you can communicate through voice chat like in PUBG.

Graphics of this game is more cartoonish and there are lots of funny dance moves or emotes which you can purchase, so many skins are available. You will definitely enjoy this game to play with your friends.

This is the most popular game and streams like ninja are making millions just by playing Fortnite. Hence this is also a very enjoyable online game to play with friends.

This is the game that took over the world and brings the new revolution of free games and makes millions. 

Price: free (in-game purchase)

Mobile Price: free

Download link: here

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