Why Video Games Can be Addictive? Top 8 Symptoms & Prevention

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According to an estimate, Asia Pacific region alone has 1.5 Billion active video gamers in 2020. Researchers have toppled that above 97% of teens  (male) and 85% (female) play video games at least once in their life. Such a whole bunch of people playing video games! It was also discovered that video games can be addictive, but why? 

It is true that in 2021, we have the most number of video game players as compared to earlier. As modern video games aren’t just meant for kids, there are adolescents as well as adults playing hours of video games every day.

Most of the video gamers may be casual but there are some who have surrounded their lives around this virtual atmosphere. This might be a reason for concern.

But why video games can be addictive? Is there a medical reason behind it or is it just a myth, let’s find out!

Hi, in today’s article on ComingGames, I’ll be answering this question of whether video games are addictive or not.

Are Video Games Addictive?

Video games are fun but yes, at times they can be addictive. This is also known as gaming disorder where you can’t control the urge to complete a day without playing your favorite video game. The problematic or compulsive need of playing games hampers an individual’s ability to progress in other important domains of their lives.

Digital gaming over other forms of gaming has become popular in the past decade as technology has advanced and AI has developed to a remarkable extent in recent times.

Video games aren’t considered good from the parent’s point of view since this digital tech was invented. It’s because digital gaming adversely affects the study of a child. As an adult video game reduce the social circle of an individual too.

Therefore, it can be said that video games are addictive and this really is a thing of concern. 

How To Identify Video Game Addiction | Symptoms

  • If your child or someone plays video games for prolonged hours and skips their meals, there is a possibility that they are addicted to video games.
  • If your kin is avoiding their homework, school tasks, and other important co-curricular activities, yes they are addicted to video games.
  • Video games can also alter your behavioral patterns. If you get irritated by NOT playing video games at least once a day, this is a symptom of video game addiction. 
  • If you feel satisfied only after playing video games for a certain time period, this is a possible sign of video game addiction.
  • There might be things that you loved to do when you were not into video games. If you don’t want to do them but just play digital games, this is a sign of video game addiction.
  • Mood swings are fine and so are feeling low. The bad thing here is that if you are coping with these things with video games. This is a sign of video game addiction.
  • If you are facing problems in your life but instead of overcoming them you are only playing video games, this is a gaming disorder. 
  • Only if you feel happy after playing video games and no other activity, there is a sure-shot chance that you are a video game addict.

My dear friends, if you’re facing any one or more of the above-listed habits, this is a sign that you or your loved ones are into video game addiction.

There a ton of games that are highly addictive and even banned in some of the major countries across the globe. According to Wiki, In 2013, a man from China observed his son’s addiction to video games and decided to take action. 

He hired online assassins to kill his son’s virtual avatar every time he logged in. He hoped that being relentlessly killed would help his son lose interest in this destructive habit. 

Alright! So this was about video game addiction. We must agree that video games tend to shift your interest from other activities but as I always say, video games aren’t that bad if you play them at a limit. 

In fact, 90% of individuals play video games in a manner that isn’t harmful to them in any manner.

Gaming addiction can be distracted if you take things with great care and order. All you need is persistence and a positive approach to make things better for gaming addicts.

Here are worth trying the ‘put the controller down’ technique to get rid of the gaming addiction.

  1. Keep phones and other electronic gadgets like video games, tablets and PC’s out of your bedrooms and living rooms.
  2. When playing games, set a limit and try your level best not to cross them. An hour means an hour, not a single minute more.
  3. Get involved in sports. Physical activities boost your hormones and prevent the urge to play video games.
  4. Learn to say NO! Most often this is ignored but when you learn to agree at refusing things that are bad for you, it helps to overcome video game addiction.
  5. Do things you love rather than playing video games. If not totally, at least try to reduce your gaming hours by involving in other recreational activities.
  6. Get social! The world is not enough and if you are in communication with other like-minded people, your video game addiction can fade away with time.

Final Verdict

Like I always say, video games aren’t that bad after all. The thing here is that you need to restrict and train your mind towards a healthy lifestyle. 

Video game addiction is just like other addictions and with proper guidance and care, people can get out of this habit.

Check out my recent blog on how to detox your child from video games!

Video games are fun but don’t let them get too spooky with your health, family, and career. Play responsibly!


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