In 2019 fortnite world cup was held at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Flushing, New York. This time pool prize was US $30 million dollars which were held on July 26 to 28. 

The player who won the final prize is  Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf. Kyle won the fortnite world cup 2019 in New York.  

16-year-old the first-ever Fortnite world cup on Sunday. Now he became the fortnite world champion. 16-year-old Bugha took the fortnite champion trophy at home with a whopping 3 million dollar prize at first every fortnite world cup. 

All the famous gamers sand streamers combined millions competed but only 100 players get the chance to play at the end of the competition Bugha won the solo competition. 

It is estimated that more than 1 million people watched the fortnite match online whereas more than 10,000 fans watched the match at the Arthur Ashe stadium in New York. 

Biggest individual prize victory in independent gaming history. 

Before diving deep into the matches let’s talk more Bugha and his journey so that you can get some inspiration form his journey and become next champ of fortnite.

Who is Bugha (kyle Gierdorf )

fortnite world cup 2019

So everyone calls him Bugha the real story behind this name is Bugha grandfather used to call him bugha when he was a kid. He used to laugh when his grandfather used to call him “bugha” ” bugha” ” bugha” ” bugha”. Kyle was a 16-year-old from Pennsylvania 

He used to play competitive matches where he started making some money as he said he first made $100 us dollar which is a pretty good amount of money which gave him more confidence that he can make money just by doing what he like the most. 

He also a Great history with other games like CS: GO and many other games.  According to my research cs: go is the origin of all the best gamers in the world who has the best aim. 

If you really want to be good at shooting games then you must start playing CS:GO because it has really fast gameplay and your Aim should be so accurate to get the kill. 

Playing CS:GO can make you better at aim undoubtedly like Shroud and Simple.  

Bugha practice schedule:

He says it’s easy to be a good gamer he practices a lot to become one of the best players in the world. 

  • After he wakes up then he warms up for around for 30 minutes before start playing game. 
  • Then he called up his team member and plays with strategy. His team name is “Sentinels”.
  • He used to play fortnite on average 6 hours a day.  
  • During school days he starts playing at 3 to 9 and after that, he does hi homework.
  • Practicing from more than 2 years.

Bugha fortnite settings:

DPI400Sensitivity X0.130Sensitivity Y0.130
Targeting Sens.0.303Scoped Sens.0.392Polling Rate500 Hz


RoofFTrapTBuilding EditG/ MW Down
Harvesting Tool1Weapon Slot 12Weapon Slot 23
Weapon Slot 34Weapon Slot 45Weapon Slot 56
ReloadRJumpSpace BarRepair/UpgradeMouse 4

Window ModeFullscreen
Display Resolution1920×1080
Frame Rate Limit240
3D Resolution1920×1080
View DistanceMedium
Post ProcessingLow
Motion Blur Off
Show FPS On
Allow Multithreaded Rend.On
HUD Scale0.76
Color Blind ModeDeuteranope 5
NVIDIA SettingsDefault

Fortnite Players are now a celebrity

Since the launch of the fortnite, it just blew the platform as it’s was launched free of cost and easily accessible to all the players all over the world. After the launch, it became so much popular and made millions of dollar just by dong in-game purchases. It was the first game which is free and made millions of dollars. 

Not only the game but some streamers also made million and became so much popular only by playing fortnite. ( playing games for living it’s like a dream job for every game lover). Now they are like a famous celebrity in the world of gamers.

Bugha was interviewed by famous ESPN and also featured into various news channels. So he’s a star now like Ninja and various other gamers. 

Now next turn is yours to become a millionaire and famous stars like him. Are you ready to work hard without self-doubting?

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At the End,

  • Bugha won fortnite world cup 2019 solo competition for $3.000.000
  • Bugha is a professional Fortnite player for Sentinels.
  • He also plays other games like Counter-Strike CS: GO
  • It requires dedication, hard work, patience, and self-belief to achieve anything big in life. So don’t doubt yourself keep moving one step forward every day 
  • Won the 2019 Fortnite World Cup Solo competition for 3.000.000$.

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