11 Video Games For Creative Kids – Must Play in 2021

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Video games are fun and kids are creative! Did you know that 20.99% of video gamers around the world are less than 18 years of age? If your child loves playing video games for creative kids like Minecraft, Civilization, or the Portal series, it’s a good sign.

Children can expand their imagination and the level of creativity while playing puzzles, builders, and other games which utilize their brain in an educative manner.

In this blog, Coming Games will share the best gaming titles that are creative for kids who love to learn while playing.  

Video Games for Creative Kids- An Overview! 

It’s 2021 and almost a year is spent by the entire world being quarantined. Video games came up as a lifesaver to curb depression in harsh times like this. Children not only learned new ways to cure their boredom but video games made them more creative in their imagination as well as decision making to a great extent.

Video game builders always bring out new games to test one’s mental abilities and cognitive motor skills. Be it a 4-year-old kid or a teen who loves to play hardcore games, video games have something or the other for every child.

Before juggling any further, let’s move on with the top video games for creative kids in 2021 and coming times.


No surprise that Minecraft is our number one chosen video game for creative kids. From puzzle-solving to hunting, from farming to co-op playing, this multi-console online/offline video game has won the hearts of tens of millions of gamers all around the world.

A beautifully crafted video game is what engulfs’s player’s attention. Minecraft is a more than the perfect video game with tons of things to do. With countless gaming hours, you can build multiple castles, pet animals, farm and invade the competition.

This video game for creative kids is like a treadmill for their brain.


Launched in the 2000s, Portal 1 and 2 are some of the finest pieces of digital art. Gamers love its high-speed gameplay and shape-shifting environment. The overall idea of this game is escaping from a room that’s located inside the Rubix cube. 

Simply this game tests your patients and creativity at once. Kids who love to play video games should give this title a hand. Coming Game believes that their thinking and responsive abilities will get sharper after every session of Portal 1 and 2.

If you also haven’t played this ridiculously amazing PC game, give it a try today!

Age of Empires

Age of Empires was launched in 1997. This strategy game is based on building your empire across medieval times. Fighting with swords and canons this game gives a hint of the history over the years.

The children having a keen interest in subjects like polity and history should give a try to this beautiful adventure game. The best thing about his game is that it’s online and forever evolving.

Creative kids who love Age of Empires video games are already waiting for AOE 4 that is due by the end of 2021.


We can call Civilization a close cousin of the Age of Empires. Scattered all over the world with online gamers, this game is a huge battle arena for children who are looking for live challenges within their gaming community. Developing the overall skills of the children, this game enhances the strategic and decision-making abilities of children. 

If your child is a strategic player, surely they will love and learn by playing video games that are made for creative kids. Sincerely speaking, the Civilizations series is a must-play gaming title for children of all ages.

So, what are you waiting for? The digital edition is online and available with demo gameplay too!

Microsoft Flight Simulator

There have been seen several times where kids have successfully driven vehicles. Even in several armies across the globe simulators are used in drone flying. Therefore, if you are planning to support your kid in learning video games, surely we recommend giving this video game a try.

Flight Simulator is a game that is bringing out creativity among kids of all ages. Therefore, if your kid is into video games, giving them a hand at flight simulators can enhance their motor skills to a huge extent.

Did you know that the first Flight Simulator was launched in 1982? Wow! That’s 38 years ago.

The War of Mine

The video game hangs between the military and the separatists. From gathering resources to managing your shelter, this video game for creative kids is a must-try. The 11-Bit Studio survival game is one of a kind experience that should be tried at least before your kid grows adult.

The video game is like a piece of art, or you can call it a slice of literature in itself. The game includes puzzles and when you solve them, a new cultural insight is unlocked. 

If you haven’t tasted The War of Mine, the brilliant video game for creative kids, this is the right time to begin fresh!

Splatoon 2

Video games should be fun and when the fun is linked with learning, Splatoon is born. There are tons of online shooters available online and you surely want your kids to stay away from violence. This game involves heavy-duty color-guns that burst laser-like color fountains every time you press the trigger. 

If your kid loves playing on Nintendo Switch, they are surely missing out on a fun title with splashing color from cannon guns on their online competition. Instead of shooting your competitors with guns like Freefire and PUBG, Splatoons uses color guns.

Harmless and colorful as it seems, this is a recommended video game for creative kids! 

Super Mario 3D World

Super Mario is Nintendo’s best-selling title of all time. The series was first launched on 8-bit consoles by the name of Super Mario Bros. SInce its launch this video game has been the best friend of every indoor gamer. Super Mario 3D World takes the gaming experience to a whole new level and you will only believe us once you’ve played it first hand. 

If you are looking for video games that are creative and learning for your kids, giving Super Mario 3D world a try is what we recommend to all parents who support video games. 

The game is available on Wii as well as Switch where you can enjoy the title with your family. 

Nintendo LABO

Nintendo Switch is one of a kind console with almost n number of customizations. LABO is a breakthrough in the video game industry that combines DIY with gaming and creativity. Since its launch in 2018, LABO has taken the creativity of your kids to a whole new dimension.

You can be what you want to be! Drive, play music, fight and battle with cardboard robots by using the interactive LABO interface. Believe us this is the future of gaming where simple cardboard pieces when combined do something magical. 

Why not give this video game for creative kids a try on your own? Believe what you see!

Rayman Legends

Legends! Yes, this game is a legend in itself. A glorious hilarious adventure and one of its kind video game for creative kids, this is what we call this super addictive video game for children as well as adults. 

No matter what age your children are if they can hold a keyboard, mouse and a joystick, they are ready-steady-go for this adventure ride. We loved this title and recommend it to all Coming Games readers.

What are you waiting for? Buy a fresh copy today!

The Legend of Zelda- Breath of the Wild

We bet you already have seen or played this incredible Nintendo title. Endless gaming hours, immaculate storytelling, and the enchanting in-game world are what engulfs every video gamer in the world of Zelda.

If your kid loves playing games, this is the best video game for creative kids we would love to recommend to all our readers. Incredible game-level designs and super-cool graphics are what make this video game different from all others.

We give a 10/10 rating to this fabulous open-world adventure1

These were the 11 top video games for creative kids recommended by Coming Games.

We’ll be back with a bang and present you new gaming news, updates, and much more in our upcoming blogs.


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