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Android gaming has evolved in recent years and so are the puzzle games for adults on Android. As a kid, I was fascinated with games, and the puzzle genre always made me do more. Yes! The brainstorming while playing the puzzle games on my Android phone was like a curry I couldn’t supper without.

With innovating gaming engines and dedicated developers, the gaming industry has come up with some of the best puzzle games for adults on Android in the past few years. 

Not only pro-gamers but amateur, part-time gamers can also enjoy these gaming titles with fun and enthusiasm.

Here’s my list of top puzzle games for adults on Android, that are fun to be played in 2022 and in coming times. Here we go!

#1 Dear Villagers

The game is available on Google Play starting from $2.99. It is one hell of an experience when you will first play this engaging puzzle game title for adults on your Android device. A Normal Lost Phone, Another Lost Phone, etc. are some of its most famous collections.  

The game is all about finding someone’s phone and going through it to discover the events that happened in their owner’s life. The concept is simple, but amazing and must be tried in 2022 if not yet!

#2 The Eyes of Ara

The full version of this puzzle game is for $4.99. Ever heard about the puzzle game Myst Players. This game can be said as the modern adaptation of that game where you need to explore the world for clues, unlocking the story thereafter via following the secret snippets that’ll come across as you progress in this adventurous puzzle game for adults on Android.  

The most mesmerizing feature of this puzzle game is its 3D environment where you will get lost once you start playing the game. 

#3 Faraway 3 | The Arctic Escape

What can be more adventurous, yet scary if you get lost in the Arctic? You will be surrendered to the scenic beauty of this game’s world but will keep intact to your mobile screens as the game progresses and delivers you with the challenges you can’t even imagine of. 

It’s the 3rd game in the series and is equally, well more interesting than its predecessors. I recommend all of my ComingGames community members to play these adventure-packed puzzle games for adults. You can download this game from the official playstore here for free.

#4 All That Remains Part 1

I bet that most of you must have played this Android game once in your lifetime. This is a treat for the Android gamers who love escape puzzle games. In this puzzle game for adults, every room is like a bunker you need to escape from. Its dark environment can and goosebump moments can make you jump out from your couch when playing this game. 

There’s your in-game sister with whom you can communicate through a two-way radio. You can play the game for just $2.49 with a full app purchase and can enjoy this puzzle game for adults with fun!

#5 Hello Neighbour

How about sneaking up to your weird neighbour experiments and discover different ways of breaking into his house with new techniques? Be aware, he is a no-bullshit villain. If he catches you or finds out what you spilled on his property, my friend, you will get into deep trouble!

This puzzle android game has attracted millions of Android gamers and is still playable in 2022 without any compromises. Want to play Hello Neighbour? You can get it on the App Store for just $ 14.99 

#6 Professor Layton Series

Professor Layton is an impressive project coming directly from Nintendo DS. Curious Village, Diabolical Box, and Mystery Journey parts of this exciting puzzle game for adults are available on the Play Store for just $9.99 and $.15.99 each. The comic graphics and the goofy environment make this game a fun experience for game lovers who love playing goofy game titles.

I am a gaming freak and the Professor Layton series makes my day every time I play this engaging gaming title for adults on my Android phone. So how about downloading this fun title right now on your Android phone/ tablet from Playstore.       

#7 Monument Valley

Monument Valley puzzle game for adults is like a breath of fresh air for gamers who are looking for something new and exciting! Undoubtedly it is one of the best visuall looking games on Android. To be honest, the graphics and the sound quality are beyond imagination in this Android-based puzzle game made for adults. 

There are in total 8 chapters that you’ll explore in your entire journey of Monument Valley. You can also synchronize the game with another device besides your Android phone/tablet. Get it on the PlayStore for less than $5

#8 Love Poly 

When it comes to relaxing and enjoying an adult puzzle game for Android, Love Poily is a game that will make you fall in love with its minimalistic interface, classic-style gaming modes, and loads of fun puzzles to keep you occupied for hours. The best thing about this Android game is the match-music style that keeps you engaged in the gameplay for longer durations.

The 3D puzzle brain-teaser is for free on PlayStore. So why wait for more? Check out the game and do send me comments about the gameplay and things you discovered in this fascinating Android game puzzle for adults. 

#9 Frozen Free Fall

This is a visual treat for die-hard Disney fans. Frozen Free Fall is a FREE puzzle game for Android which challenges you to match the items displayed on your Android phone/tablet’s screen. For example, you need to match at least 3 icy things to justify the completion of the challenge.

There are more than 1000 levels to enjoy in this puzzle game for adults on Android. No problem if you are new to such games as you’ll get tons of hints during the gameplay. Earn coin and rewards for your completed adventures and progress in the gameplay.   

#10 Tropicats Match 3

Looking for the cutest, adorable puzzle game for adults on Android? Here comes the Tropicats 3. The cuteness is reloaded in this puzzle game that will crave you for playing this game for countless hours. Not only adults, but people of all ages will also love playing this game on their Android devices.

The mesmerizing soundtrack and awesome backgrounds will keep you involved in playing the game. The game is for free and this is the best part about it. So why not log in to your Playstore and download it right away!

#11 Im-a-puzzle

This jigsaw puzzle site is a great way to play thousands of puzzles online. It includes a puzzle of the day to challenge you daily. If you want variety, you can customize jigsaw puzzles with different shapes, and you can adjust the number of puzzle pieces you’re playing with. For even more fun, you can upload an image to make your own puzzle, and share it with your friends!

So, these were my favorite puzzle games for adults on Android that you’ll love playing in the year 2022 and coming times. Do comment below on how you like the gaming info that I share with you!

Stay tuned with ComingGames for more trivia, updates, gaming tips, android lag fixes, and hacks. How about choosing and playing one of the above puzzle games for Adults on Android and letting me know your views about the game.


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