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So, are you a pubg mobile lover and you’re addicted to not playing but doing winner winner chicken dinner in every match. than these pubg mobile tips and tricks will help you to get the chicken dinner in every match.

Pubg mobile is the best game on play store over 100+ million downloads and it’s increasing day by let us begun with the list of our pubg mobile tips and tricks which will help you to get winner winner chicken dinner after every match.

Also, watch these PUBG mobile tips and tricks which can’t be explained well in text format.

Pro pubg mobile tips and tricks 

1.Understand the map and win match at the Begnning: 

If you know how to read a map then this goona helps you predict last circle, possible areas where your enemies could be and which is the right way to go into the white circle when circle is collapsing.

Most of the players will jump not far from 1500 to 2000 m from the white line. Through parachute, you can only cover 2000m through parachute if you know the right technique unless you can only jump 1600m max.

Lets us take the example of the map below. 

pubg mobile tips and tricks

Now the plane is coming from lipovka and you can see the line staring from lipovka and ending at the quarry. Here the nearest places where you can find loot is Novo, military base, pochinki and these are the places where most of the players who love to take fight will go.

Other places where the player who wants to play safe and players who are scared to take fight will jump. So it simply depends on you how you want to play so jump accordingly. 

When you try to move along the white circle now you have the idea where the most of the player could be so you can safely move along the circle so that no you don’t have to worry for someone who could come from behind you and you’re busy taking the fight with someone in the circle. 

For eg: suppose circle is ending somewhere near georgpool and you’re at Rohzok( you can be anywhere near the line) what you can do the best is you can go georgepool by the side of shooting range and start moving closer towards the circle because most of the palyer will at the other side near to the line where the plane was passed and trying to move into the circle from the other side only. 

This way you have fewer chances someone comes from behind you can easily take fight and start killing whom you see coming towards the circle at your front

2.Use low setting


Have you heard about snakes in games? Yeah, those snakes who don’t have guts to fights but they are clever enough to kill you and stay undetected by crouching during the whole match.

Now, Go to the setting and set graphics to low and frames rates high or if you have a good phone then you can increase frames rate up to extreme or at ultra.

By using low setting it will remove some graphics effects which will help you to spot enemies while they were hiding, it also increases the smoke visibility. Gamers usually use a low setting to get some extra line of sight.

3.cook your grenade 


Most of the time newbies do mistake while throwing a nade. They aim nade towards the opponent and throw it, most of the time enemy manages to escape and survive the nade explode. 

So trick here is, first take cover because when you’re throwing a grenade you can’t use your weapon.

Before throwing hold it for few seconds max 3-4 sec then release it. What this will do is, your opponent didn’t get a chance to move because it will explode fast within 4 sec or depends on your throw timing.

This time nade will explode fast and enemies didn’t get time to escape.

4.Use In-game building hacks 


 pubg mobile building tips and tricks

Use building hacks which come preloaded with games you don’t need to install scripts in your pubg mobile. If you successfully understood this pubg mobile hack then It’ll be easy to kill enemies hiding inside buildings.

When you’re about to rush with your team then your opponents always keep their position ready with scopes on, so it’s risky to rush but what you can do instead of going through main stairs. There are so many ways to get inside the buildings you can go through windows, or climb walls.

First check the building surround, is there is any stack of sacks, if yes boom you’re good to go for eg: there is a building at Pochinki where you find a stack of sacks. With the help of sacks, you can easily climb on sacks and get into the building through the window instead of the main doors.

You can park your car with building and first climb on the car then jump into the building as shown in screenshots.

Another example is when you see 2 joined buildings than you can easily move to the empty building and come to the balcony from where you can go to another balcony.

You can invent your own building hacks, you just need to notice the building line outside of every building through which you can move outside of the building.

5.Where to hide when someone throwing Grenade

Your team was hiding inside the building and enemies started throwing grenades on your team you only have two options either to run or hide because if you jump outside the building they can kill you easily because they’re in attacking position. The best advice I can give you is run to the ground floor. Ask yourself how many times you’ve thrown a grenade to the ground floor?

Maybe never, these pubg mobile tips and tricks will help you survive better because you might be thinking what these little tactics will help believe me pubg is all about playing with strategy and patience. Keep in mind these small things which will create bigger differences in your gameplay tactics.

6.last circle

pubg mobile hacks | last circle
use car as cover


The last circle is very intense because all the alive players are so close and can easily spot each other, now here are some most important pubg mobile tips and tricks which will enhance your tactics in the game.

When you’re in the 3 last circles first check carefully is there any 2 story building in the circle then you must go there before anyone gets into the building. It’s better to occupy the position early and you can start killing enemies coming from blue zone to get into a safe zone.

Also, be clever, you must know when to take a fight when not. Because when you’re outside of the circle and start taking unnecessary fights it can take your time and you know it very well how dangerous last circles blue zone is.

Importantly, look for the last airdrop, now here’s a secret most chances of the final circle is nearby the last airdrop. I’ve noticed it and able to win so many matches because I know where circle could end up and change the strategy accordingly by staying inside the zone. 

7.Running tactics

Never run in a straight line because it’s so easy to kill someone who is running in a straight line, an enemy can easily target you even if you’re running in a car. The best technique is to run or drive in a zigzag way, by doing this no one can easily hit you a bullet.

More importantly, when enemies are firing on you then it’s better to run with empty hands you can run faster and don’t forget to jump, jumping can save your head by hitting direct hit of the bullet.

Try to avoid combat when you have no cover. Use a car or jeep to go to any places because during combat in open areas these can be your cover. To avoid explosion during combat keep distance then explode your car by yourself. 

8.Rush techniques

When the enemy team is rushing on you in the building then you all don’t have to hide divide your position. One of the team members must through a Moli on the stair when you spot the first person of the opponent team. 

When you’re in the building first and going to camp there for longer then you must drop some waste or extra emo on the stair as shown in the picture so that when an enemy comes to rush you, then their auto pick will start looting and it will distract them and you can kill them easily.

9.Use claw

Image credit:

If you still play with two fingers then you need to start learning to play with claw because there’s no other way you can be pro in pubg mobile. With claw, you can do one or more things at the same time. Playing using claw you can fire while running, you can open scope while running at the same time you can fire too. 

There are tons of benefits of playing pubg mobile using the claw. Using claw will enhance your moments and reaction speed will increase phenomenally. this Pubg mobile hack definitely makes you a good player while increasing your reaction time.

10. How to earn free UC in pubg mobile: 

There’s a very cool in-game feature to earn free UC in pubg mobile. 

  • Go to the bonus rewards. 
  • There you’ll see challenges 
  • Tap on the challenge button and complete that simple challenge to earn bonus coin. 
  • These bonus coins can be redeemed to earned free UC. every challenge you complete would earn you a free UC in this manner. 

Bonus tips:

  • In EDM match if you’re out of amo then drop your gun and pick up again the same gun then you get 180 additional amo. 
  • Look at the difference between pubg mobile aim assist enable and disable
  • When you Hit in the EDM match it takes almost 6 seconds to start healing and 6 more seconds to heal yourself up completely if you’re very low on HP. 
  • If you get knocked down for the first time then it takes you 1 min 25 sec to get killed Second time 55 seconds, 3rd time 35 sec, 4th time 25 sec, 5th time15 sec tp get killed completely. 
  • A single Gas-can can refuel buggy 40%, Dacia 40%, uaz 35 % .
  • Do you know if both the team has the same score in the EDM match then both team gets victory no one loses the match?


these pro pubg mobile tips and tricks will help you survive for a longer time and you’ll get wins in most of the matches.

If you made up to the last means this article was useful to you and we’ll keep on updating this article every month till then you can read our other best articles below….

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