Upcoming One Plus TV leaks

It’s no secret that One Plus a company that it’s perhaps best known for making affordable high-quality smartphones is working on a TV. CEO Pete laugh spelled out the company’s ambitions on its forums late last year he did it himself.

 We haven’t heard much about the project since then but thanks to a few new leaks and announcements we now know a little more about what One plus has been working on.

The One plus TV will be called the 1+ TV. If you’re really interested there is a post on One plus’s official forums that explains in surprising detail. how the team designed this logo including references to ancient Hindu symbology and Greek temples. it’s all a little much when you look at the logo and see that it’s just TV next to the One plus logo but since we’re so start for news on this front.

We’re just gonna take it in fairness to one plus. though the company has been up to a lot more than just brainstorming new product names. earlier this month one plus filed to certifying multiple versions of the one plus TV with the Bluetooth special interest group. in these filings strongly suggest that the company will release 43, 55,  65 and 75 inch Android power TVs in the US China and India markets where one plus devices are especially popular

It seems possible that one plus will try to set its TV’s apart with some clever software. the problem is that unless you’re a paid TV operator with significant market influence Google does not allow much meddling with its android TV platform. so that might be out of the question. it’s possible that one plus is building a completely new kind of Smart TV interface on top of Android and not Android TV but at this point who knows.

What we do know is that Chinese brands who haven’t always cared about TVs are really starting to pay attention one plus is a very solid example but there is also Huawei and it’s honour brand which recently revealed its own Smart TV which runs the custom harmony OS packs a pop up camera and the ability to use smartphones as external speakers which sure you could do that it’s a fascinating machine. but hey maybe one plus has been working on something as weird and as ambitious this whole time. speaking of weird an ambitious there is a lot going on in our field so stay tuned.

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