One Plus 7T Confirmed

You all know about the explosive success of One plus. One plus 7 pro became the highest-selling premium phone of the 2nd quarter and also One plus has captured 47% of the premium smartphone industry in 2019 after one plus there is Samsung with 30% and apple is with 23% of the premium smartphone industry in India.

One plus 7 and One plus 7 Pro were a huge success so what comes after it?

5G is confirmed on one plus 7T?

One Plus CEO Pete Lau Just announced the confirmation of One Plus 7T. Yes, one plus 7T and 7T pro just got confirmed and is about to be launched in the 4th quarter of 2019.

In an exclusive interview Pete Lau said flagship phones in late 2019 must be 5g capable in order to compete against smartphones in 2020. I completely agree with this statement so basically One plus wants to provide you a future proof phone, a future ready phone a smartphone which is as great as 2020 smartphones in terms of network compatibility and of course other specifications, that’s great.

The second exciting part is unlike the one plus 7 Pro 5G which was only for the UK, Finland and ELISA this One Plus 7T Pro 5G is coming globally in quarter 4 of the 2019. He said nothing about the launch date or exact specifications exact design but I think we are getting two new phones One Plus 7T LTE and it’s 5G variant and the launch is likely scheduled for 15 October.


one plus 7t

We may see punch-hole panel with the 7T and Fullscreen design with the 7T Pro with three cameras on the back panel and without any doubt all the latest and the greatest features along with the brand-new Snapdragon 855 plus so get ready the 7T and 7T pro are coming really soon.