Is Steamunlocked Safe? Here are the Top Things to Consider Before Digging in!

STEAM UNLOCKED safe or not

Is Steamunlocked spam, or it’s safe?

Cyberspace is an evolving world! Gamers often are sceptical weather is Steamunlocked gaming is safe or not. Downloading games from Steamunlocked is easy but whether the process is safe or not is yet to be answered.

Coming Games cares about your security and also helps gamers with unique tips and hacks to make the gaming world secure and fun at the same time.

In this blog Coming Games elaborates whether steamlocked games are safe for the end-users or not!

What Steam Unlocked have to say? 

According to the official Steam Unlocked sources, it is 100% safe to download games from the website. The games are checked before release so that the gamers don’t fear when downloading a game pack from the website.

What is Steam Unlocked? is a website that guarantees to provide you with pirated Steam keys for some of the best games on the platform, which you can then activate and download without paying for them. But before jumping onto it, there are lots of things to consider first. Let’s take a look at what these guys actually do so we can determine whether or not they’re a safe company to work with.

In Short: is a website that provides you with illegally acquired keys of games from the popular digital platform, Steam. These keys are available at discounted prices but unlike many of its competitors, it also provides free ones as well which makes their service very appealing.

What are Steam Key?

A key is a unique alphanumeric sequence that enables you to activate software, online video games or any other form of digital content for use on your computer. These keys are specific to each user, and once activated they cannot be transferred, shared with others or redeemed by another person.

It’s like gifting another person a specific item, like an encyclopedia. You can’t give it to anyone else and expect them to work because it’s made for you and your needs only. You cannot buy Steam keys online; they must be obtained from the original source – either directly from Steam or through legitimate retail channels where they’re sold as part of a themed collection (such as Valve’s own collections) or bundled together.

What Coming Games believe in downloading video games from Steamunlocked?

Let’s find out!

#1 According to some sources, it has been discovered that a lot of people are already scammed by this website. By offering a signup bonus this website gets you into a honey trap.

Well, we believe that it’s a sort of referral business. Once you get referred and so on, you proceed a step further into this scam!

The most common point of concern here is that they offer incentives in dollars whereas official gaming sites may offer referral bonuses in mere cents.

#2 When researched, it was discovered that not even a single individual received or earned a single penny from this website. Till now, the testimonials were found to be fake!.

#3 One of the major threats tends to appear when you can’t find the owner’s description. This discrepancy gives rise to something fishy. This is where Steamunlocked feels like spam!  

#4 Links appearing on the website are spammy too. They redirect to places where you shouldn’t be visiting. Therefore, it must be avoided whenever possible to browse through Steamlunlocked, making it unsafe.

#6 Last but not least, your member information is not secure. By agreeing to their terms and conditions, you give Steamunlocked the authority of sharing your info too. 

This was a short but informative blog on ‘is steamunlocked safe’ or not!

Stay tuned with ComingGames for more safe and fun gaming.


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