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Continue reading if you want to know more about Gloud app and how to install it on IOS.

What is Gloud Games? 

Still, wondering how to FREE PC games on your mobile without losing much quality? 2021 is the right time to give a shot at  Gloud games and play the latest PC, Playstation, and Xbox games for free on your mobile phone, at a little compromise! 

Gloud Games is not rocket science to understand. In simple words, Gloud games are like an interface through which you interact. Games that you play on your smartphone using Gloud get processed or rendered by another powerful computer at the server-side. 

Gloud games use the Cloud gaming concept, and onwards 2021, cloud gaming will be the future of online gaming. 

You won’t have to buy fancy, expensive PC and graphics cards; with cloud gaming, now any mobile and pc user can handle heavy games easily.

What are the requirements to play Gloud games?

You only need an Android or IOS  mobile device and an internet connection. You don’t even need your internet speed to be very fast, with normal Internet speed you’ll still be able to play all the latest games effortlessly.

Although, you need good mobile phones with fast wifi receiver.

  • Mobile Phone with good specs. ( Minimum 2 GB ram required)
  • Android version 5 or later.
  • Good Processor.

What can you do With Gloud Games? 

Carry all your favorite PC and console games with you wherever you go.  Play all the latest games PC, Xbox games on mobile. 

There are thousands of games you can play in this app without any problem though some are free whereas, for some, you have to pay.

As I said earlier, you can play games for free though you compromise with waiting time.

You can play games only for a limited time. Gloud offers a two week trial period for free.

If you want to play after the trial, you have to pay!

For freebies with the 2021 update, they added 3 new features that allow you to buy free play time simply by watching google ads.

New features added in their 2021 update

  • Get at least 30 minutes of free game playtime every day
  • Watch Google Ads and buy free time to play

If you’re Ok with all these things then you’re good to go!

Features Of Gloud Games:

Here are some highlights features of Gloud Games Application:

  • Play for an unlimited time when after you purchase
  • Play Free games PC, Xbox, and PS for free
  • Works with all the devices
  • Easily Available for Android and IOS
  • Free-To-Play Games
  • Require Normal speed Internet connection

How to Download Gloud games Apk? 

Download the latest updated version of the Gloud games, which is 100% safe. Beware! Do not allow any notification or any other app to install during the installation process! 

If you get redirected to other sites and ask permission to send a notification or install another app, simply click back and hit download again.  

How To Install Gloud Game for IOS in 2 Simple Steps 2021? 

No jailbreak is required for this method.

Step 1: Visit Gloud games official website here:

download gloud games app for ios button

Step 2: Click on the IOS button and it will redirect you to the app store to download but you don’t have to download Zhuo Li version because it won’t work.

Step 3: Now Carefully search for “Yifan Shi” from the app store and hit the download button. You have to download Yifan Shi gloud version.

Note: *You need to download VPN to run this app search for “Speedcn” VPN and download it. If this process didn’t work then try to first download VPN then follow the above tutorial.

Now you can easily play all your PC games on IOS devices at high fps.

If you still get any region restriction error then use China VPN. TBH,  I’m not getting any errors and am able to play games easily!

Also know best online multiplayer games so that you can play best-selected Games.

Bottom line:

If you want all games for free, comment below so that I can help you with it! Keep in mind, you need to install VPN to play games.

The language will be Chinese you need to change the language manually.

For playing games for free you need to start a free trial, so don’t forget to start a free trial.Please let Cominggames know if you met any type of error during the installation process so that I can help you.

FAQ About Gloud Games APK

What are the main Gloud Games?

1. Lego Batman 3
2. Grid Auto sport for Gloud Games iOS
3. Dirt Rally
4. The rise of the Tomb Raider
5. Mad Max
6.Far Cry
7.Mafia 2
8.GTA 5

Are Gloud Games free?

No, You have to purchase Time Pack, which starts from $0.99. You can also buy SVIP for unlimited playtime. However, you can play all games free during the trial period. You can also play games in Gloud games for a while for free. For that, you will have to wait in a queue of more than 100 people, which can be skipped up to some number by looking at 5 max ads.

What is Gloud game?

It is a platform of free and paid game play. Gloud games allows you to play the latest Xbox,PC,PS games for free. Gloud games APk is available if you want to play it on your mobile devices.

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