How To Speed Up PS4 Games Downloads-98% Increase In Speed After Following These Tips

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Waiting is tiresome, whether it’s an installation or a game download. If you’re too fed up waiting a long time before you can start playing games on a PS4, go ahead and read the full blog! 

Here you’ll learn: 

  • Most recommended things that’ll increase games downloading speed on PS4. 

There may be numerous issues slowing down your PS4 game downloading speed but I’ve found the best techniques that work 100% and will increase your PS4 downloading speed. 

So, let’s begin with my personal things to do to boost your PS4 game download speed!

Increase Games Download Speed On Ps4 15x Faster

You’re just one step away from increasing your PS4’s download speed! 

Hold on tight with this step cos you have to do it a little carefully and exactly follow what I do. If you skip any step you might not be able to boost the slow download speed of your PS4. be careful, 

Before you start, run the internet speed test to measure the end result with current. 

For those who don’t know how to run internet speed these follow along rest can skip to the next step. 

steps on how to run internet speed test on PS4
  • Open PS4 settings
  • Scroll down and select Network option
  • Then select Set up Internet Connection. 
  • Then it’ll ask how you want to connect to the network. Choose Use Wi-fi, if you’re using wi-fi or choose Use a LAN Cable, if you’re using LAN. 
  • Now it’ll ask how you want to set up the Internet connection Select Easy
  • It’ll ask you to select the wi-fi network you use to select your wifi network.
  • Select IP address setting option to Automatic
  • Now Select DHCP Host Name Don not Specify. 
  • Select DNS setting to Automatic
  • Also select MTU setting to Automatic.
  • Select Proxy server Do Not Use

Vallah! You’ll see your connection download and upload speed on your PS4. 

Now let’s back to our step1

  • Go to Setting and scroll all the down to System
  • Scroll down and select Automatic Downloads
  • Here simply uncheck all checked options. Make sure you uncheck all 4 boxes on the screen. 
  • Then go back and scroll down to Report System Software Errors Automatically and open it.
  • Here, uncheck Report System Software Errors Automatically.
  • After you have done this, come all the way back to the setting main screen and scroll up and go to the Application Save Data Management
  • Scroll all the way down and select Auto Upload
  • Uncheck Enable Automatic Uploads.

Now we’ll change PS4 DNS to fastest DNS server

  1. Open settings again and select Network.
  2. Then Select Setup Internet Connection.
  3. Select Use Wifi > Custom
  4. Then select your Wi-fi network that you connect to. 
  5. Now Select IP Address Setting to Automatic. 
  6. DHCP Host Name should be Do Not Specify.
  7. Now in the DNS setting you have to make changes so select Manual.
  8. So set your Primary DNS to [] and Secondary DNS to []. 
  9. Now select Next and set MTU setting to Automatic
  10. Set Proxy Server Do Not Use
steps to change DNS on PS4 to increase games downloading speed.

Now select Test Internet Connect again!

Well, compare your PS4 games download and Upload speed with pervies test. 

Woohoo! Congratulations for your increased speed.

Just in case this didn’t work so don’t be upset I’ve a few more tips which might help. 

No need to go anywhere!

I’ve done hardcore, in-depth research for you by consulting pro-folks about their ninja technique to boost downloading speed. Here I’m going to share the best Ninja Speed Boosting techniques for PS4. 

I’m not sure how effective these tips will be for you , depending upon your ISP but it’s worth giving a try, who knows what works for you! 

So, read it carefully before you miss any important tip, 

Stay up to date: 

Most of the time it’s good to stay up to date. After you connect your PS4 to the wi-fi, it will automatically prompt you to download the system update. If not, do it manually by navigating to Settings > System Software Update. keep your firmware up-to-date.

The most common suggestion I received is to try Pause and Resume the downloading process if it stuck at a certain percentage. 

Avoid multitasking :

Don’t play games while there’s a download in progress.It’s better that you download games on your PS4 when you’re going out for 3-5 hours or at night. So you can set the game to download and rest while the game downloads. 

Problem with your Internet:

Make sure you don’t have any problems with the Internet. Test your internet speed on other devices. If it is fine,  you are good to try the above mentioned tips, if not then contact your internet service provider to upgrade the connection.

By now you must have got a glimpse of how to boost your PS4 game download speed. 

So this was from my side for all my Cominggames friends. Stay tuned for more Gaming trivia , hacks and updates.

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