How To Make Real Money By Playing Games

how to make money online playing gmes

Are you wondering how to make real money by playing games online and offline?

Hello gamers, what if I told you that you can earn thousands and millions of dollars just by playing games? Would you believe me…I guess no!. 

make money online playing games

How many times did your mom and dad scrolled you when they see you playing games. I don’t know about you guys but when I was a kid and when my parents saw me playing games they got so mad at me.

But still I’m a born gamer I never stop playing games but now the situation has changed after I start making money only by following my passion and which I love the most and I’m happy now. 

In this article, I’ll tell you all the possible ways through which gamers can make money online by playing games or doing similar related tasks. 

All the possible ways mean all the possible ways to earn money online playing games for free which also include surveys, product reviews, blogging, Live streaming, and some other ways,  through which you can start making money while doing the dream job of every gamer. 

Before we start let’s look at the stats of rising billion-dollar industries. 

In this article, we’ll see all the possible ways a gamer can make money and in another article, I’ll tell you how to make yourself viral. (so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter). 

Gaming is now a billion-dollar Industries: Future of gamers

Are you worried that what will be the future of the games and what is the scope of making money in gaming will increase or decrease in the future? 

You must ask this question because you need money to survive right. 

A company called Newzoo released the global marketing report which states that gaming Industries generate somewhere around $138.7 billion in revenue( which is huge) . Newzoo also predicts that the market will grow at the rate of 9.6% in 2019 which will generate approx 152.1 billion. (Awesome right). 

Do you know 

E-sport is the biggest electronic sport multiplayer competition in the world. It is estimated that In 2019, the global esports market will generate revenues of $1.1 billion.

In which around 82% of the market will come from brand investment including sponsorships, advertising, media rights, etc. ( approx $897 million which is awesome and booming in the future).

These brand investors also sponsor individual gamers to promote their Brand.

They offer their best gaming product for free and also pay huge money which depends on how popular you are. 

These sponsorships are the best way to make money online by playing games.

In 2023 it is estimated that Esports market will generate approximately more than $2 billion. 

Gaming Industries are growing so fast and the future will be even brighter. So do you believe in me that you can also make millions from gaming? Still No..

ok, let’s talk about the gamers who became a millionaire just by gaming and making millions only by playing video games online.

Gamers who become so successful: Richest gamers

Here are some examples of gamers who became so successful by playing games.

This section of the article is only to motivate all the beginners who are looking for building gaming carrier and want to live a dream life which every video game lover dreams about. 

So let’s start the list of Gamers who became so successful in Gaming. 

Recently in fortnite tournament, a 16-year-old boy won $3million dollar( read every detail about that 16-year-old kid and his practice schedule)

Here is the list of all the top earners of the Esports tournaments who made millions:

Kuro “KuroKy” Takhasomi: $3,549,039.35

 Amer “Miracle” Al-Barqawi: $3,128,079.88

 Saahil “UNiVeRsE” Arora: $2,953,956.27 

Ivan “MinD_ContRoL” Ivanov: $2,889,522.96 

Lasse “Matumbaman” Urpalainen: $2,889,227.24

Sumail “SumaiL”Hassan:$2,676,991.94

these are only a few players there are so many others also won million in Esports tournaments.

here are other gamers who are streamer or create gaming content for twitch and youtube and able to successfully make more than $6 million net worth. they are a celebrity now everyone in the gaming industry knows about them.






They just a few numbers, do you know what is the best part when you reach this level is you’re a celebrity now people want to meet you, you are interviewed in big National shows for interviews, you have a huge fan following and huge fan following means higher price for sponsorships, big companies will pay you more to advertise their product. 

You’ll have a luxury life and that’s only by doing your dream job. 

Now, I’ve given you so many real people reference I guess now you believe me that you can make millions by playing games. 

But beware of this I’m not trying to bride you by telling this. I’ll tell you some more important facts at the last which you should know if you really convinced to choose to game as a carrier. 

Enough talking now lets jump straight into the topic of how to make money by playing games. 

How can a gamer make money online? 

There are numerous ways through which any Gamer can make money online but I’ll show you the best possible ways to make money online. 

Gaming jobs:

Alright folks, now It’s time to give you a treat of making money. 

If you want gaming jobs then there are many jobs available for gamers through which they can make money easily by doing simple online surveys they’ll get $5 to $75 for each.

Get paid for playing unreleased games, review the game and get up to $30. 

They will also pay you just for taking participation in the groups and get up to $150.You also get paid for testing new gaming consoles, products. 

These so many ways you can make money with Gamingjobsonline. This is not the end of it you will get to win various offers and prizes and the list of these prizes is huge which you will get to know when you check out their website

You’ll be paid on an hourly basis and if you don’t have time you can just take any job of an hour and get paid hourly. 

Before the launch of any game gaming companies requires people who can play and test the game so that the product can be launched error-free. 

Companies pay money for testing the games and you going to help them by taking participating in surveys of their products or testing their games. 

Must check out If you like to win prizes, play latest and unreleased games for testing and make money from it. 
For more Details: Gamingjobsonline

Live streaming on twitch, youtube, Facebook:

Video is the best source for engagement over the Internet. It is even better than reading these lengthy informative blogs. 

Now it’s has become a trend to stream live. It is best If you have a good computer with a graphics card. Now it’s time to start live streaming now before it’s got too late and competitive. 

Streaming can be the biggest opportunity right now so take advantage of the trend which in the future will be more crowded and difficult. 

  • According to a survey of By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic — 15 times higher than it was in 2017. (Cisco)
  • By 2020 there will be close to one million minutes of video crossing the internet per second. (Cisco)
  • Nearly four-fifths (79 percent) of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video by 2022. (Cisco)

That why It’s a sign to start today so that you can succeed and take advantage of upcoming traffic and make your fortune with it. 

It is the best way to make money online by playing games and creating million of dollars in net worth but it’s a slow process but you’ll definitely going to enjoy this process.

Which platform is best for streaming video games? 

The more professional platform is Twitch where you can only stream games. All the different streamers from the world stream on the Twitch platform. Now you can also start streaming on facebook gaming which is launched by facebook only for streaming live video. 

Best platforms to start streaming: 

  • Youtube 
  • Twitch 
  • Facebook Gaming

Youtube is another big platform where you can start streaming. According to me, you can start streaming on youtube which is less competitive now.

Or you can do live stream on twitch if you have good gameplay and upload that stream compilation on youtube. 

I bet you can definitely make money with both platform and you never know which platform grow will grow first. 

Walkthrough videos and create youtube channel:

Yeah, right you can really make money by making a walkthrough video of new release games. You just have to play video games like you normally play but this time you’re going to record it and upload it to youtube, Facebook. 

Not only walkthrough you can make funny gaming videos and upload them to youtube and share it on Facebook groups to get views at the beginning. 

Starting is difficult but once it goes viral your channel will blow up with subscribers after then it would be easy to get views. 

If you don’t have a good pc still you can make funny compilation videos and get millions of views. 

There are so many channels on youtube they just make other streamers live stream compilation video and get 70Milllion view. 

It just blows my mind. If you want to know how just comment below it’ll tell you how you can do this. 


Start a gaming blog if you like writing like me. You can start a blog and monetize it with ads and start making money. 

But it’s not easy at all you need to know various things before you start blogging on video games. Over the Internet every day millions of people post their content and to rank your post at top is the biggest challenge now. 

You need to learn the SEO properly then you know how the search engine works and how to rank higher on google. 

How much money you can make by gaming blogs? 

See bigger players in the field of blogging are making more than $30,000 to $40,000. This is huge but I must warn you that it’s a very long and time-consuming process. 

It’s not easy at all like games jobs where you do a simple task and gets money. 

You need to be writing consistently, proper knowledge of SEO and in the beginning, it takes normally 1 year to start making enough money to totally depend only on your blog. 

You can make money early but it would be not enough to and believe me if you don’t like writing don’t start a blog you’ll end up getting bored and after seeing no result you’ll definitely quit blogging. 

Sell In-game Items: 

This could be good way to make the best out of your time playing games and collecting items and sell it on the market like Steam and game flip

You can sell anything there which is related to the game for eg you can sell weapon skins, costumes, etc. 

Games like SC: GO players sell their weapons skins up to $1,500 which a good amount of money as a beginner but of the item there are very cheap only for few bucks. 

I’m not saying you’ll get 1,500 for each item, no it’s not the case. You need to achieve a higher rank and rare skins then only you can make really good money. 

You seriously need to be good at gaming which requires lots of daily practice. 

you not going to make too much money with this but its good way make money online by playing games and take the most of your time. something is better than nothing.


The tournament is another great way to make millions or get popular in the world of gaming. Once you win any tournament people form all around the world want to meet you, know more about you. 

Esports tournaments are huge with millions of prizes and millions of people watching it. 

Recently in fortnite tournaments, more than 1 million people watched tournament online and over 10,000 fans were present at the stadium. (catch the full report)

It’s a huge number and as I told you earlier people are consuming video content more than ever before. 

Not only the Esports, but you can also take participate in local gaming competitions that will enhance your gaming and make you a better player. 

The only rule of winning the competition is you need to be pro at gaming and to become a pro you need to do practice, patience, and calmness. (I’ll cover all the tips on how to become pro player so subscribe to our newsletter you’ll be notified).

Tournaments are also one of the best but toughest ways to make money online playing games

Drak side for gamers to make money online: 

Now people are making fortune in sports and games.

So, can you do this?

Yes, but you need to be patient, need to be motivated even if you don’t get any views, or money for years.

Now you are well aware that many people made million-dollar net worth playing video games, but you should know that it never happens overnight.

Behind this million-dollar fortune, there are many years when they are playing without getting money, no view, and learning how to interact with the audience, learning how to promote themselves with the use of the internet. 

It requires consistency. If you break the consistency, you’ll never make it. There is no shortcut. 

You have to start with a big zero, no other choice you have. 

You need to become the best at gaming, if you’re not the best then you should learn how to you can make your video or content funny. 

Everyone likes funny stuff, especially gaming creators who get millions of views in funny games compilation or in funny gameplay. 

Most of the games didn’t make it to the last because they only see money don’t do that first start it as a side hustle when you start creating content without any expectation. 

You just need 1 viral clip and that’s it you can achieve everything which you want in the field of gaming but you don’t know when it happens and how it could happen. That’s why I suggest you create content consistently. 

At the End: 

You can make millions of net worth like many other Gamers have done and continue to grow it. 

Video consumption is going to increase till 2030, so start today. 

If you want to be pro then create a schedule to practice gaming.

Making money by producing content takes time but with jobs you can start today

If you want to start streaming you need a good pc that has good graphics card 

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