How to Join E-sports?

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Do you want to join an esports team, But don’t know how to join?

Well, I’m here to help you join the esport team. Read this carefully; it doesn’t matter which country you live in and which sports team you want to join, these tips will help you achieve your goal.

In this guide, you’ll know, 

  • Overview of esports 
  • What factors are considered before selecting a player
  • How to join esports
  • Top esports team in the world

So, let’s start, 

What is E-sports? 

In simple easy to understand language, Tournaments of games like basketball, soccer, cricket come under sports, but when you add E in sports, then all the video games tournaments come under esports. 

Esports is an electronic sports tournament of video games, meaning video games that can be played competitively, either as an individual or as a team by professional players. 

E-sports became popular when people began to play against strangers who could be in other countries.

This launched the era of international icons, teams, and players that could claim to be the best in the world.

All the games which can be played competitively can organize tournaments.

Why are these tournaments so popular? 

It’s simply because of winning prizes and recognition as the best player in the particular game. 

Let’s understand this with an example,

One of the most well-known game called League of Legends was released formally in 2009 and has been supported since, with competitions and tournaments worldwide.

The 2016 world championship for League of Legends attracted over 43 million viewers online, and the prize pool was over 6 million dollars.

Players are sponsored by companies, with endorsements that can support them financially between competitions.

The League’s biggest competitor is called Dota2, which is short for Defense of the Ancients.

Dota’s tournament held at the KeyArena in Seattle gave over 9 million dollars to the winning team alone, plus millions more to the runners up.

This competition was streamed across the internet as well as being aired on various ESPN channels.

Esports don’t always look like this genre of game.Now like actual sports, these competitive teams have staffs of trainers and scheduling coordinators.

They’re also owned like sports teams are, some with very notable owners including professional athletes like Shaquille O’Neal, Magic Johnson, and Alex Rodriguez, who all own or co-own their own teams.

Since this can be a lucrative career, many young people might want to pursue this, to live the dream.

This is a billion-dollar industry that is growing rapidly.

But the only challenge in living the dream life is being chosen as the esports gamer.

What Factors Are Considered Before Selecting a Player

It is a very long road to joining a major Esports team, especially if you’re starting from the bottom, it is very hard, or impossible to get there.

It depends on the following factors:

Age: To join a team or to enter the competition age depends on the game and the country of origin and hosting. Some countries don’t allow esports participation unless you are 18, whereas some leagues only allow 18+ but others don’t have an age limit as long as a parent’s permission is given if travel is necessary. According to my research, the minimum age for joining will be between 13 years to 18 years. 

Skills: You need to be a very talented player in the game you choose to compete in. If you want someone to spend dollars on you, then you need to prove your worth. Some players in CS:GO have played since the very first release, CS:1.6, and have built up a massive pool of experience, game knowledge, and other factors that are sure to land them on good organizations. You have to be out to be noticed by Cloud9 or another major team. You need to have skills that the selector can see and agree to invest money in you. 

Dedication and mentality: You have to grind yourself into your game to try harder and improve your game. Even if you manage to get into a team, you have to keep grinding to make sure that your team does not bench you due to poor performance, loss of willpower to play, etc. 

The hardest part is to stay dedicated and mentally strong, even if you haven’t been selected after applying multiple times because it’s a very long road to join a major esports team.

 As a result of a weak mindset, you’ll see players who burn or are disenchanted by prolonged hard-working and choose to leave or pursue other directions. In addition, you must also have the mindset to work hard and be prepared to train for long, sometimes late hours, and focus solely on the grind.

Result: A team will not choose you if you do not produce a result. My recommendation is to look for a small team, and train hard, to produce consistently positive results in the tournament, some include ESEA Open (CS: GO), etc.

How to Join Esports: 

Chose 1 Game:

Every game’s physics is different, as I said earlier there will be some players who have been playing 1 game since the very first release, and you can imagine the gameplay of these players. If you want to beat them then you need to master 1 game. You have to understand every bullet traveling time, distance, movements, fire speed, you have to be familiar with all guns abilities, etc. In short, you need to be an expert on the role you have chosen within the game.

You Need to Be Incredibly Good at Game:

Before applying, the most obvious thing is to be incredibly good at the game, and I don’t just mean you manage to get wins by simply being accurate and having great reflexes. You need to know the intricacies of the game, how much damage a certain weapon will do over a certain distance, how to play the map by knowing circle timers, times to reach various areas, etc.

Start Creating Content: 

You have to make a name for yourself, start creating content for Youtube or twitch, start recording your gameplay and show off your skills and upload it to Youtube and other social networking sites.

Compete at Tournaments. 

This is the most important step. Once you feel confident about your gameplay you start participating in the tournament. This is where you will test your sportsmanship under high pressure.

The more tournaments you play, the more improvements will appear in your gameplay. Therefore, you should participate in as many tournaments as you want. Winning is not important, although you can win money and other prizes but the main goal is to improve yourself, improve your gameplay at high pressure.

  • These tournaments will make you good at playing the game under high pressure.
  • You will begin to gain recognition in the gaming community and connect with many new gamers in the community.
  • These tournaments will prepare you for big live esports events where the pressure is as high as the sky.

Reach Out to Large Sponsors  

Send mail to 

My meaning from sending an email is not this “hey I’m bla blaa, I’m good at bla bla, how can I join esports”. If you send this type of mails then you’re never going to get any reply. 

Every day on average they receive hundreds and thousands of emails like this, some ask them to sponsor gaming rigs, some demand something else.   

Let’s correct the mail part: 

Enter Name

Enter game name 

Attach something that will stand out about you, like your amazing gameplay videos, your move or skills video, a little about yourself, and your background and achievements. If you have not achieved anything, tell them about your goals. 

Don’t beg for anything, show your worth. 

Why would anyone send you anything if you’ve not proved anything yet?

Another misconception is, you can only contact them when you have 1000s or 1M subscribers. No, it’s not true, well if you have zero subscribers, then also you can mail them and attach your channel with mail. You can show your kill montage, gameplay as it will make your mail stand out. 

There are many major sponsorships which I’ll list at the end of this post. You can contact each of them manually. There is no single way to land a major sponsorship, but if you already have a significant following and have participated in competitive events then it increases your chances of getting selected. 

Journey is Not Over Yet

From there, you will have to learn to gel with your teammates, if you do not play up to their standard, you will be dropped for another player. Teamwork in competitive games is incredibly important, the sum of the parts doesn’t necessarily translate to a successful team.

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