How to Get Better at Competitive Gaming?: Follow These 15 Tips

Become Best at Competitive Games

So, you want to get better at competitive gaming

Do you want to compete in Counter-Strike, Dota 2, or League of Legends events and win some pretty good cash prizes? 

Here’s a list of several things that may help you get there.

1. Practice – 

Yes, this one is obvious, but it might be the most important thing on the list. If you’re looking to become a better gamer, then you need to practice! 

There’s no way around it,

If you want to get good at something, then you need to put time into practicing that thing until perfect. Playing with friends or aimlessly by yourself may help but will not improve your skill level as quickly as playing against players who are better than you. If you want to be the best, you need to practice against players who are better than you, that is how they got where they are today!

2. Analyse – 

The next step, which often gets forgotten, is looking at your own gameplay, and learning from it is one of the most important things you can do as a player.

If you want to become best at competitive games you should analyze your own gameplay and look for areas that you can improve on. If you’re really competitive, then film yourself playing and try to break down your decisions and see if there’s anything you could’ve done better.

You can also analyze how professional gamers play on your own accounts. How?

Game boosting services, such as, are third-party platforms or individuals that help players in video games. You pay someone more skilled (a ‘booster’) to play your game for you, taking you past gnarly levels or tough bosses. That way, you can learn advanced strategies and enhance your gameplay in real time.  

3. Talk –

Practice isn’t always available, the best way to get better is still talking about strategies with your teammates and friends. Discussing games you’ve played, a new strategy and what works for certain situations is essential to improving your game play.

This is where all players make mistakes, they either didn’t know it would work or simply didn’t know why it worked! Chatting about strategy will help improve everyone’s game.

4. Dedication –

The last thing you need to be good at a competitive game is time, dedication and the will to win. You may practice as much as you can, but if you’re not dedicated, it will be very hard for you to improve. If your friends are playing games or partying instead of practicing with you then this may cause problems. Dedication is the key component to being good at a game.

5. Leagues –

Playing in leagues may be boring for some gamers but it’s very important if you want to improve your game play.

Playing in leagues will help you get used to playing with people who are better than you at certain games, more skilled players tend to do significantly better than you and may pick up on your mistakes.

6. Friends –

Playing games with friends is great for practicing and many other things, the best thing however is having competitive friends to play games with.

Friendly games are great for practicing and having fun, but if you want to play a competitive game or want to become best at competitive games , it will be a lot more fun doing so with some friends who have the same mindset as you.

Having competitive friends will help you improve your skill level at a faster rate than playing random people online as they know what they’re doing and are often up for a challenge.

7. Stamina –

This is one that I’ve personally found very helpful, keeping yourself in check can be tough when playing competitive games but it’s extremely important if you want to have fun while playing the game.

If you play too much, it makes your hands hurt and your eyes get tired, so you’ll just be playing a game you’re not enjoying. It may sound contradictory but the best thing to do if you want to improve at games is to take regular breaks in between games, stretching your hands and looking away from the screen for a little while will help keep yourself healthy and give your eyes time to relax.

You can find out what works best for you, but the key is to keep yourself healthy while you’re playing games.

8. Patience Control Your Anger –

As I mentioned before, some people get frustrated when they lose so they play over and over again until they win which usually results in them getting angry.

If you want to be good at competitive games then you need to learn how to control your anger, the more frustrating a loss is the more likely you are to make mistakes in your next game.

Playing with friends is always great because you can’t get angry at them when things don’t go right! Once again it comes down to patience, if you become impatient or frustrated while playing competitive games then it will only result in making more mistakes and hurting your game play.

9. Motion Sickness –

If you’re like me then you’ll tend to get motion sickness after playing games for long periods of time, this is usually because people are moving their character or vehicle around very quickly which can make your brain hurt.

To avoid getting sick while playing games take breaks every half an hour to move around and stretch your legs, if you’re finding it difficult to play certain games then maybe try something like CS: GO instead of Battlefield, the faster paced games tend to make people sick quicker than slower moving ones.

10. Train –

If you want to be good at playing competitively, I strongly recommend joining a team or getting involved in training with your friends.

Training is great because you can pick out mistakes that you’re making and work on them so they don’t happen again, having people around to play games will also provide you with the opportunity to teach new people how to play games as well as giving your team members some tips on what they do wrong.

11. Play More –

This is something that I’ve found to be true, you can’t get good at a game if you don’t play it regularly. Competitive games are usually played by people who have been playing for years so there’s no point in thinking you’re going to beat them in your first few games.

Take some time out and practice, come back to the game a few days later and you’ll start to see how much better you’ve become even though you haven’t played for a couple of days.

If your goal is to be good then playing more will help, there’s no secret trick that only the pros know about so play as many games as possible and you’ll eventually get up to speed with them.

12. Support –

Support is something you don’t see much in competitive games, but friends are invaluable.

You can always ask your friends to help you out by giving you advice or just talking about the game after it’s finished so that if there was anything they noticed, they can point it out to you and help you improve.

Competition is a great way to push yourself but you need support from your friends in order to keep going and try harder. People who watch my videos on Youtube always help me up to my game, so I thank them for their support over the years.

13. Master a Few Games –

It’s challenging to be good at 10 games, so why not focus on one or two games and get really good at them? If you’re going to be competitive, I suggest some sort of tactical shooter like Counter-strike, Starcraft, Overwatch, or Battlefield.

These types of games are usually played in a team which makes it easier for people to communicate and work together while playing which will help you improve your teamwork skills.

14. Take Breaks –

This is another one where I’m going to sound like a broken record but taking breaks is extremely important when it comes to playing competitive games.

You can’t expect yourself to be good at something if you only play for 10 minutes once every 6 months, take regular breaks in between sessions and give your brain a rest. Don’t go thinking that you can just play for a few hours and then be amazing at it, give your brain some time to relax and then come back from it when you feel ready.

15. Get Out There –

This is my last tip but it’s the one I think most people will struggle with, getting out there and playing competitive games of any kind with real people. You don’t just magically become good at something, you have to practice and work hard for it, if you’re willing to put in the time then you can be amazing at anything you want and this goes for all aspects of life so get out there and show everyone what you’ve got.

At the End

That’s it from me for now, if you have any comments or suggestions on what I should write about next then feel free to let me know in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you all again very soon!

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