How to Fix PCSX2 1.6.0 lag -Get 60FPS+

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Do you want to play PS2 games lag-free on your PC?

If you have a low specs computer then also this trick will do magic for you. If you’re facing Lag while playing games , keep reading!

In this article, I’ll show how to fix PCSX2 Lag so that the process becomes much easier from here on out…

The new version of PCSX2 1.6.0 came with many bugs and graphical issues; fortunately, all the major problems were fixed in the next update (1.6.1), but one problem remained: lag.

Lag in PCSX2 can be caused because of low FPS (frames per second) or high VU Cycle Stealing. It would be best to read about both to understand how they work and how to solve them.

First of all, you need to know that PCSX2 does not lag! I repeat: The emulator does not lag . It’s the games that fall under one of the reasons mentioned before.

Also, a few additional things you should know:

  • Fixing your lag is very dependent on your computer specifications and how each game uses them.
  • Fixing it will make your game run smoother, but you might still get frame drops at some points in the game.

VU Cycle Stealing is something that can cause lag in almost any emulator out there, not only PCSX2. It’s also a feature you can enable and disable, just like Turbo/Auto/Super-speed hacks.

Frame skipping is another emulation option that is very much like VU Cycle Stealing, but it’s exclusive for this emulator.

Now that we got those things out of the way, this article will teach you how to fix games lag in PCSX2.

So let’s begin.

Trick 1 To fix PCSX2 Lag

You can see one of my old PC specs screenshot below.

As you can see this is a low end PC and it’s not capable of running PCSX2 games smoothly. After following this trick I can run any PS2  game smoothly. Before that, make sure you follow all mentioned tricks to fix PC lag in this article.

  •  Download and Install PCSX2.
  • After Install, at the welcome window click on import if you have existing settings or override previous setting if you already have installed PCSX2.
PCSX2 lag free emulator setting
  • Leave everything as it is as you can see in the screenshot below and click on next.
PCSX2 lag free emulator setting
  • At Select a BIOS rom: select file which you can download from here and select the USA version console and click on Finish. Make sure to uncheck “Use default setting  option”. 
  • 2 new windows will popup, and you can see your pc configurations again, simply close the configuration window.
PCSX2 lag free emulator setting
  • Now click on config > Video (SG) > Window setting. It will open a new window.
PCSX2 lag free emulator setting
  • Check the preset button below and drag the preset to very aggressive.

Change the following setting.

  •  Aspect Ratio: Widescreen(16:9)
  • Custom Window size: 1280: 720
PCSX2 lag free emulator setting
  • Rest keep defaulty and hit the Apply button below.
  • Click on GS in the left corner.

Apply Following Settings:

  • Slow motion adjust: 5
  • Turbo Adjust: 300
PCSX2 lag free emulator setting

And hit the apply button.

  • Again click on Video GS > Plugin Setting
PCSX2 lag free emulator setting

Change the following settings:

  • Render: Direct 3D 11 ( Hardware)
  • Adopter: Default hardware Device
  • Interlacing (F5): Automatic (Default)
  • Texture Filtering: Bilinear (Forced)
  • Under Hardware render setting
  • Internal resolution: Native (PS2)
  • Anisotropic Filtering: Off( default)
PCSX2 lag free emulator setting

Rest Keep as it is and hit ok.

Now run any game and you can run any game lag free in PCSX2.

At the end:

Please comment below whether this trick worked for you or not, so that I can come up with the best solution for you.

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