How To Fix Fps Drops In Fortnite- 2021 Guide

Fortnite season 2021 is going so well only for those having a powerful rig and tech! For the rest of the gamers though, the FPS drop is ridiculously spoiling the fun of this amazing online multiplayer game!

With tons of brand new bounty elements and updated features, Fortnite has just got better but only for those having high-end gaming PCs. 

With high-end graphics and mods option Fortnite has won the hearts of gamers across the world and its popularity is increasing every hour.

But gamers with small-specs rig and limited bandwidth, some players find it hard to have a flawless gaming experience even in 2021.

For gamers facing technical issues like FPS drop, it’s still a question that needs to be answered- “How to Fix FPS drop in Fortnite in 2020”?

After weeks of research on legit forums and discovering various ways to fix the FPS drop, I finally have the resources to fix the irritating FPS drop that most of you must be facing right now.

Let’s Begin With the Ultimate Guide to Fix FPS Drop in Fortnite in 2021!

But before that here’s what I’ll be going to discuss on “How to fix FPS drop” in Fortnite in 2021. 

This is an overview about the cool stuff I’ll be sharing with my fellow Cominggames community to help them overcome FPS lag and get a flawless Fortnite experience.

  • Recommended PC requirement
  • Task Manager
  • App priority
  • Internet Connection
  • PC’s power settings
  • Graphic card management
  • The in-game settings

Recommended PC requirement

With recommended I do not mean the basic or minimum PC configuration. As Fortnite has a minimum PC requirement of 4 gigs of RAM and a 1st gen i3 processor, it does not mean it will work flawlessly on it. 

It is possible that some of its arenas and world may run laggy with huge clutters and FPS drop due to your tech limitation.

To make sure the game runs with a good amount of FPS, make sure you have a PC with a ‘recommended’ configuration.

Here’s what configuration I suggest for it!

  • Windows 7, 10 (64bit)
  • Minimum 8GB RAM- 12 will do great
  • Radeon 7870 or equivalent Nvidia 660 or above
  • Virtual memory above 2 gigs is recommended

For example, a 100cc motor can’t generate enough power compared to a 125cc or more. Therefore, the first piece of advice of mine for you is to boost your rig. I recommend updating your hardware. 

If you have a low spec PC, no matter how good your internet service provider is or how much you reduce your graphic settings, Fortnite won’t perform well on the basic required FPS standards.

Let’s move on to “How to fix FPS drop in Fortnite” tip #2

Kill Unnecessary Tasks in the Background

Ever used the task manager? Well, it’s high time to do it now! 

There are tons of apps running in your PC background just like your phones that only kill your PC’s memory. Turning these background apps will bring out an extra space on your virtual memory which can be utilized in playing Fortnite without much FPS drop!

Apps like Chrome and other internet browsers soak up a lot of memory and are not necessary to be kept turned on when you want to play Fortnite. Therefore, turning them off is a cool way to boost Fortnite FPS in a jiffy.

  • Open task manager from the start menu on your windows or long press Ctrl +Shift + Escape and it’ll pop-up the list of applications that are currently running on it.
  • When turned on, it’ll display the apps running in the foreground as well as background.
  • Turn off the apps you think are not necessary when playing Fortnite (eg. web browser)
  • Do this by highlighting the selected app and clicking the END TASK button on the extreme right below o your task manager TAB.
  • Start Fortnite and notice the FPS upshift after closing the unwanted apps.

This was the second easiest but a worthy tip for gamers looking to fix the Fortnite fps drop issue in 2021. Here you can find in-depth guide and tips to fix lag.

Here comes the quick hack #3 

Prioritize Fortnite

Giving an extra juice of boost to Fortnite can be done by simply giving Fortnite a high priority as compared to the other installed apps on your dear rig! 

The CPU distributes its task priority accordingly but if you work smartly, you can give Fortnite more authority than other apps to make it run faster than before with higher frame rates!

Not familiar with how-to’s of prioritizing an app?

Here below I’ve eased the thing for you!

  • Opening the Task Manager window(Press Ctrl+Sheft+Esc) and going to the Details tab is the key.
  • Now, right-click the Fortnite process under this category and choose Set priority > High( 3 priorities will pop-up, high, normal, and low).
  • Set other related processes to High priority, including FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping.exe, FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping_EAC.exe, and FortniteLauncher.exe.

Wasn’t this easy! I bet there will be a substantial FPS boost once you complete this simple process in your windows.

All right fellow gamers, these were the basic things to check in your PC and most of you must have got the solution to fix FPS drop in Fortnite in 2021.

If you’re still wondering how to fix FPS drop in Fortnite on your rig, here’s my next tip to make it happen!

Internet Connection Upgrade

A slow-speed internet connection is one of the major reasons behind lag or FPS drop in video games. Delayed ping and other response issues may result in fps drop, especially in games like Fortnite. 

No matter the games are hosted from high-tech servers but your ISP may not be delivering you high-speed internet and this might lead to delayed frames or dropped FPS in simple words!

Here are the things you must do in advance to boost the FPS through your internet connection!

  • Upgrade your current internet plan to a higher download/upload speed
  • Changing your ISP is the last resort if you aren’t getting a high-speed connection 

Got any FPS uplift? Use this one below if not!

PC Power Settings

Like any other Windows PC, your one will also have power settings that will determine what you want to do. There are basically 3 power modes in windows, high performance, balanced performance, and power-saving!

Usually, the power scheme is balanced. I recommend you slide the bar to the HIGH-PERFORMANCE icon!

This will draw your PC’s power to maximum performance every time you will use it. This will have a positive effect on all applications including Fortnite.

If you didn’t see slide bar then follow along:

  1. Right click on battery icon,
  2. Select Power Options
  3. Then select High Performance

I’m sure you will get boosted FPS once you have tried this hack like me. If this one also didn’t do much for you, worry not, I have a lot more to share!

Windows Properties (Performance)

Once you’ve done this, also visit your computer’s properties which are displayed when you right-click my computer’s icon!

There you can click on Advanced and under visual settings all you need is to click is on the best performance. You will notice the difference as soon as you do so! No matter your transitions won’t be smooth when clicking an icon.

You will also notice sharp edges on windows icons but don’t worry, it will not have an adverse effect on Fortnite.

Once done, you will see a considerable effect of frame boost in your Fortnite gameplay!

Check out the image below to have a visual experience of the settings by yourself!

Graphics Card Drivers

As mentioned above, I already have told you that you must have recommended graphics cards to run Fortnite. Minimum config won’t do much! 

Once you have acquired the recommended graphics card, update its firmware. Graphics card manufacturers, be it Nvidia or AMD, keep on updating their drivers according to the latest software and hardware configurations.

I personally recommend you keep your Graphics card drivers update to make sure it gets the latest innovation in software.

You can use easy driver to keep all your PC drivers up-to-date with just one click.

Doing so will also have a positive effect on Fortnite and FPS drop can be curbed to a certain extent.

Manage Your Graphic Card’s Settings

Updating your graphic card wasn’t enough? Well, it’s time to shift to some advanced stuff! Graphic cards have their own installed software on your rig. Once you open them up, you will see plenty of options depending upon the application type. 

Be it AMD or Nvidia, open up your GPU interface and make a custom configuration selecting Fortnite. You may turn anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering low or even off.

Settings like these will have a minor effect on the graphics but will considerably boost your FPS.

Here are some vital things to turn off or on before playing Fortnite without fps drop on your PC. These settings can be viewed under 3d settings of your Nvidia or Radeon menu!

Maximum Pre-Rendered Frames: 1
Multi-Frame Sampled AA (MFAA): Off
OpenGL Rendering GPU:Set as your graphics card
Power Management Mode:Prefer maximum performance
Preferred refresh rate:Highest available
Shader Cache:On
Texture Filtering – Anisotropic Sample Optimisation:On
Ambient Occlusion:Off
Anisotropic Filtering:Off
Antialiasing – FXAA:Off
Antialiasing – Gamma Correction:Off
Antialiasing – Mode:Off
Antialiasing – Setting:None
Antialiasing – Transparency:Off
DSR – Factors: Off
DSR – Smoothness:Off
Threaded Optimisation:Auto
Triple Buffering:Off
Vertical Sync:Off
Virtual Reality Pre-Rendered Frames:1

Check out the link/images below to make these changes on Nvidia as well as the AMD interface. 

Change the In-Game Settings

Fortnite is a big game and so are its graphic settings. There are quite a few presets available in its settings menu like high, medium, low, and custom.

  • Go to the graphics quality menu and change the settings
  • First, you need to put your graphics scheme under CUSTOM 
  • Turn off shadows, anti-aliasing, and post-processing
  • Keep the view distance epic so you can easily see what’s coming from far
  • Keep FPS limit to 60 on a 60hz monitor
  • Have a 240hz monitor, limit it up to 240
  • Do not choose the unlimited FPS option, it will clutter your game

I personally advise exiting the game once you’ve changed the graphic settings. This is because some of the changes come into effect only when you have restarted a game.

Not only me but tons of other gamers have been benefited by adopting this technique. Therefore, if you still haven’t got an answer to how to fix fps drop in Fortnite, this hack might come in handy!

All right fellas! The above were some of the coolest, easiest, and 100% working tips and hacks that will surely boost-up your FPS while playing Fortnite.

In addition, I have found the best optimized in-game settings that’ll help you attain a decent FPS while playing the game in Battle Royale Mode on your recommended PC.

FPS boost for Battle Royale in Fortnite

Launch Fortnite- Battle Royale
Window Mode-Fullscreen
3D Resolution-100.0% 
View Distance-Epic 
Post Processing-Low
Motion Blur-Off
Save and exit

Overclock Your GPU

I won’t recommend this to all but if you have sound knowledge about hardware acceleration or understand the numbers, this one is a one-stop hack for boosting the FPS in Fortnite.

Overclocking your GPU or the graphics card means increasing its RPM. This act would lead to a consistent boost in performance by upto 30%. 

But there is a catch here! If you by chance overclock it more than your graphics card can take, it may end up in its malfunctioning. 

Running it at high speeds can harm your graphics card and also in some cases your rig.

Therefore, i recommend it to be done by a professional. By professional, I mean a person who has sound knowledge of PC components. However if you wan to try it by yourself then follow this guide.

Walla! This FPS hack will surely boost your Fortnite performance considerably!

Final Verdict

Alright! So this was the best thing you’ve read today I guess. The above tips and hacks in combination will definitely give your game a sure-shot boost. 

Gaming is fun and Cominggames always try to make things better for you. Lag sucks in online games and so does FPS clutter. A microsecond delay can decide a victory or loss and therefore, I brought up this cool guide for my fellow gamers.

After reading and applying the above guide’s tips and hacks, surely you will be gaining more juice out of your rig’s current performance.

Remember one thing again, upgrade your PC to recommended requirements of Fortnite as lower specs hardware won’t let you play the way it’s meant to be played.

Once done, things will go smoother than before.

Stay tuned with Cominggames for more gaming updates that’ll give you a headstart than the ones who still have to read the tweaks from us.

Happy Gaming!

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