How to Fix FPS Drop in Android- Top 7 Proven Ways To Run Game Smoothly

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Every time I played games earlier on my Android device this question would make me sick; How to fix fps drop on the android device I was using?

After quite a few time of digging top Android and gaming forums to search for a solution, I came across the best top 7 things to do when playing games on an android device, be it a phone, tablet, or an android PC!

If you’re also searching for a solution that is permanent, here’s the answer to how to fix fps drop in Android.  

Let’s begin with number one!

Push your phone’s performance

FPD drops suck, especially in games like COD and PUBG. Well, most of this hack will work on Android 10 and above versions but if done right, Android 9 users can also be benefitted from the same hack, after adding a custom ROM update to your phone.

  • First enable your phone developer option(if you don’t see developer option than you need to enable it first).
  • Click on your developer option and move on.
  • Search for the option “Game Driver Preference
  • Choose the game you want to play with high performance.
  • Select the game and change driver from default to game driver.

There is a possibility of a little heat-up but don’t worry, it’ll boost your game’s performance heavily.

Download from trusted resources

First comes the first! I always advise gamers to download the apps from an authentic source.

  • Download your Android game direct from the Playstore. 
  • Avoid using third party sites as they may be improperly ripped, causing your critical game files to get laggy and leading to fps drop.

Downloading from the original source is the best option to get a bug-free gaming experience and you can get higher fps while playing games on Android.

Change your game settings

When it comes to how to fix fps drop on android, changing your game settings can be a reliever from irritating fps drops. Games installed come with a default setting and mostly it’s a mix of appearance and performance.

  • While games like Temple Run and Subway Surfers need no next-gen devices to run flawlessly, games like GTA San Andreas, Limbo, and Asphalt run better on high configurated android devices.
  • The best option for you to fix fps drop in such games is to reduce your graphics settings to minimal. Do it if you consider gameplay over graphics. 
  • A substantial fps boost can be observed by doing so.

FPS drop or lag is not only an issue on Android devices. This problem persists in modern-day PCs too!  If you’re a game lover and face the same on it, here might be the top reasons for lag in online and offline video games.  

Update your game

When was the last time you updated your game over the internet? If you have been too lethargic to update your game, do it now or you may suffer every day when playing the game! 

While some games run without updates but few games, especially online games, only run when they are updated.

  • Android gets updates daily and so the games running on it.
  • Updating your game will eliminate pre-existing bugs and introduce flawless gaming.

Don’t worry about your phone’s memory! Unwanted files will get recycled during the updates and the game will only take slightly more size on your SD card. The end result though will be a boosted FPS gaming on your android device.

Go Offline (if possible)

Some games need an active internet connection while playing but the majority of single-player games on Android can be played without internet.

Online background apps can be one of the major reasons for an FPS drop or a laggy game. They not only deplete your WIFI /Mobile data but also use your android device’s RAM and ROM.

  • Switch off your mobile data if the game is playable in offline mode.
  • This will help to give your game boosted memory and fix the fps drop in your android device.

Apps like Chrome, Facebook, etc. are heavy and may use a lot of memory from your android device. Going offline will make these background apps soak less of your precious memory and your question-how to fix fps drop on android- will get answered.

Turn Off- Power Saving Mode

Power saving mode can give your android device’s a battery boost for up to a certain amount but is one of the major reasons behind fps drop or lag in android gaming.

  • Turning off your power-saving mode will help your android device to allocate power to necessary areas in requisite frequencies.
  • A tip- Play high-resolution gaming titles on more than 60% of the phone’s battery to boost performance!

When playing video games, Android devices like phones need a juiced-up battery to perform. Therefore, if you’re still wondering how to fix fps in android but keeping your phone’s battery low, it’s high time to recharge your android device now!

Disable automatic sync

Sync uses data, not only data but it also uses your phone’s memory. Therefore, when playing games you may have to turn it off for a while. This will aid your game to play at boosted fps and your android device will perform at its best.

  • A sync option can be found under quick settings of your smartphone AKA Android phone.
  • In some phones, this option can also be under the notification tray. In short open you setting app.
  • Scroll down and tap on Accounts. If you don’t see “Accounts,” option then tap on Users & accounts.
  • Scroll to the bottom, there you’ll see Automatically sync data. Turn of the option and it no use your phone’s memory and data while playing game.

This will only take a few seconds and you will be able to fix your android’s fps drop in a jiffy.

Use a fast SD card

It’s possible that your Android device may need an upgrade. Using a high-speed SD card can boost up your game performance and give you a pleasurable gaming experience.

  • Card manufacturing companies like SanDisk are known to produce high-performance cards.
  • With cards having speed up to 90 Mbps, your gaming on android can become fun as data will be transferred at light speed.
  • Using a high-performance card will also reduce the load on your device’s memory.

I never thought changing my SD card would make such a huge difference in playing Android games. I have tried updating my SD card recently and really, the results are quite awesome! Hope it does the same for you too.

These were the easiest things to do when trying to kill your fps drop in an android device. I really hope that by now your question “HOW TO FIX FPS DROP IN ANDROID” has an answer!

If not, here are 2 more easy ways to get it done. Well, it doesn’t need an explanation like above!

  1. Use an app-kill app to deactivate all other apps you don’t need when playing your favorite android games. 
  1. Installing an anti-lag app (plenty on the App store) will also give your game a substantial boost and make you enjoy every game title on your android device which is playable on the available configuration.

Okay, so these were the easiest hacks to fix fps drop on your android device. For pro-tech gamers, I have some hardcore tips to fix lag in their phones, tablets, and PCs ( Android) You can also give it a shot, but remember, under guidance.

  • Using a roms that is not stock, egCyanogenMod or MIUIcan give performance faster than stock roms. No matter you need them to ROOT but these roms are high performing and reliable than the stock ones.
  • If you are able enough to overclock your CPU, it can boost the performance to a certain extent.
  • If you are aware of the developer’s applications, use graphic accelerated rendering to fix lag in your android device gaming.
  • Copying your APps to an external card will increase your phone’s memory and lead to better fps gaming.

So Cominggames fellows, these were the top hacks to boost your android’s fps while gaming! I don’t think that now you’ll be facing any major issues while playing your favorite games on your Android TV, mobile, or PC!

Still, if you’re looking for the answers to “how to fix fps drop in Android”, ping us and we’ll help you understand gaming lag better.

I hope you love staying in tune with Cominggames. I’ll be back with more cool stuff related to fun gaming and cool tech.

Happy Gaming!

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