How to Edit Your Gameplay – A Step-by-Step Guide

A Step-by-Step Guide gameplay edit video

Nobody wants to see uncut, raw gameplay on YouTube or any other platform. That’s a shame since many of these could be transformed into entertaining videos with only a little time and work, attracting a large audience while making money.

The truth is that not everyone wants to see your entire game. The average attention span is limited, and they either want to solve a particular challenge or just want to be captivated by the best moments. And by enhancing and improving your gaming video, you can make it more valuable and fun.

So, according to trends, just a bit of editing on a premier games video editor can help you build a video that can attract high interaction. Though gameplay editing can seem to be a complex undertaking, many professional game editors can make it look simple.

So, if you intend on editing games, you’ve come to the right place for everything you need to know on games video editing.

What is the best way to edit gameplay?

Before streaming your gaming footage to your target audience, you’ll need to do some editing, such as merging, trimming, etc. A step-by-step method is provided below that can be followed before editing your gameplay:

Step 1: Planning and organising are necessary

It’s common knowledge that if we don’t plan, we won’t be able to complete any assignment. Similarly, to make a good video, you must organise it ahead of time. So what does planning for video game editing entail?

It includes responses to questions such as what area and genre you want to create your video, what purpose you want to achieve with a gameplay video and other similar topics.

It’s similar to a pre-production stage where you set out the entire strategy. Reviews, gags, recorded videos, and even instructions are possible genres. And to create a compelling video with numerous views, you must carefully select and edit your videos and deliver what people want.

Step 2: Choose your ideal video editor.

After you’ve gathered all the necessary raw videos and clips for your game video, you’ll need to find the ideal editor to use and edit your clips. Finally, you must select a good gaming video editing tool to create a decent video from your content.

If you are a rookie, you should choose software that is easier to use and provides all the necessary features. The editing or post-production process is ideally the most important because it significantly impacts your interaction levels.

Good game editing can hugely impact your future gaming videos, such as freezing events and even reversing and repeating them. Other places where game editing could be beneficial include titles and captions. You can also alter the colour scheme of your gameplay video. As a result, picking a good video editor for gameplay editing is arguably the most critical decision you’ll have to make.

Step 3: Trim whatever is unnecessary

After you plan and upload all your clips, your next step should be to get rid of whatever footage isn’t needed. If you want to make a video with only the most pleasurable moments, keep in mind those are the only ones included. You’ll be inclined to preserve more video than you require at times, but that’s where your screenplay will come in helpful. Keep in mind your original concept and stay on track.

Step 4: Merging and transitions

You can combine videos in most editing software by dragging and dropping them together. They’ll also provide you with various transitions to choose from, but the reality is that game videos don’t require elaborate transitions between scenes since there’s a lot of content from the game itself.

As a result, the ideal choice is to utilise no transitions or fundamental transitions. 

Step 5: Highlighting moments

We already stated that video FX isn’t essential when editing game videos. They may, however, appear ideal if you wish to highlight specific points in the game or draw viewers’ attention to a particular object in the scene. This is optional, but if you plan to make a hobby out of gameplay montage, you might want to include a few theatrical touches here and there.

Step 6: Audio selection

After you’ve recorded your game, the principal left to consider is the soundtrack or comments before selecting a gaming video editor.

This step may not be required if you’ve only captured your audio with the video, but it is equally crucial if you have a voice-over or any other accompanying soundtrack. Royalty-free and cost-free background music are among the best choices; otherwise, you will be unable to upload it on any of the platforms you desire to publish your gaming video.

Sound effects help to make your gameplay videos a little more authentic.

In addition, the following are some of the best practices for editing your gameplay video editing –

Dos and Don’ts in Gameplay Editing


·Make your gameplay videos more engaging by including audio or music

·Make sure to include titles and captions for individuals who might struggle to understand

·Make a point of highlighting the best parts of your game

·Make sure your gaming video has a sense of surprise and tension

·Make an excellent first impression with your page’s introduction.


· Don’t include any dull material in your films

·Make sure your gaming video isn’t too long

·Make sure your video has audio and sound effects

· Don’t upload too complex clips for a general audience to understand

· Don’t keep switching your focus between multiple objects.

After you’ve learned how to edit gameplay and the best practices for doing so, you’ll want to know about the top games video editing tools you can use to edit your gameplay videos, which include – InVideo, DaVinci Resolve, iMovie, Lightworks, Adobe Premiere Pro, Wondershare Filmora

Gameplay videos are a great way to showcase your skills and highlights of any game and boost your engagement on your various platforms. But it is no secret that it requires a bit of effort and time to make a video that stands out. However, with all these tips and tricks, you should have a general idea of where to begin, and soon you’ll be on your way to creating some fine gameplay videos and clips to post on social media or just to enjoy by yourself.

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