How To Download Games Without Apple Id On iPhone & iPad

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Gaming on an Apple device is fun but not all have an iPhone, iMac, or an IPad. Do you want to download games or Apps without an apple Id but don’t know how to do it? Don’t worry! You will learn it here: 

  • 3 best ways to download any game or App without apple Id on an IPhone, Ipad
  • Easy steps by step guide

So, let’s start!

You may be worried about your child ending up logging up a huge bill without even letting you know.


You just want to download all IOS games or apps free without logging and that too without doing jailbreak. Here are the top-most effective steps to follow along. 

Trick #1 Using Third Party Apps Store

This step is for freebies, who want paid stuff for free without doing any tech stuff like jailbreak. 

I know, most of you love using the IOS App store as it is safe and you find all your apps and games in one place but likewise, there are so many amazing app stores out there which I’m also using to download all paid games and apps for free without my Apple ID. 

I have no problem with these third party app stores as they offer original games for free. There are many third party App stores but some of the best app stores are AppCake AppEven Emus4U etc.

In this tutorial, I’ll be showing you download apps and games like Minecraft using the App Store++. 

Step1: Go to your setting and click on the general menu.

gif that show tutorial on how to enable background app refresh

Step2: In the General menu hit background app refresh and make sure that it is set to on. Click on that and then hit wifi or wifi & mobile data!

background app refresh setting options

Step3: After setting this, go back to the home screen and open your internet browser and visit 

Step4:Once you are on the site, search for appstore++ and it will pop-up right there at the top of your screen. Go there and click on the app!

gif that shows how to download appstore++

Step5:Hit start injection and it will start the download process. Wait until it takes you to the next page where you have to open any 2 apps for 30 seconds.

Step6:Choose any app from the list and tap install. It will open the official app store, from where you have to download it and open it for 30 seconds. Same you have to do with other apps, tap, download and run for 30 seconds. (it is recommended you run apps for more than 1min some time it didn’t detect running time and you have to go back and follow the whole process again.)

Step7:After 1 min you’ll see appstoree++ popup on your screen. 

Step8:As soon as you follow the steps you can delete installed apps. 

This App Store++ all you need to download any paid apps for free without entering your Apple ID.

However, you can download any one of the above mentioned App Store and test yourself out which one suits you the best.

#Bonus video tutorial

In case the tutorial above didn’t work you can watch the video below and follow this method. 

Trick #2 Toggle off Require Password 

This step is for those who already have an Apple ID logged in and are required to enter password again and again. This way you can download all free games and apps without entering a password again and again. 

In case, you want something else, skip this trick and move to the above step to know how to download all paid games and apps on iPhone, Ipad without Apple ID 

Step1:Open Settings and then scroll down and select iTunes & App Store. Tap on Password Settings!

gif that show images on how to toggle off required password

Step2:Turn off the option of Require Password. Once you turn off the required password it will prompt you to sign-in to your Apple ID password. Enter your Apple ID password. You’ll be prompted to enter your Apple ID password. Remember, this option will only affect purchases that are free. You’ll still be prompted for a password, or Touch ID scan, for any monetary transactions in the App Store or iTunes.

That said, If you change your mind at a later date, simply go back to above screen and enable Require Password.

I hope you find what you are looking for. If yes, please tell me in the comment section, if not, then tell us the reason for it so that we can bring the best solution for you.

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