How Much Will You Get For A PS4 At GameStop

How Much Will You Get For A PS4 At GameStop

A common question asked by gamers is how much they will get for a video game console at a GameStop store.

To answer this, I used a PS4 with 1 controller and all cords from the box as an example. So let’s say you have a PS4 that has been played once but is still in new condition with no blemishes. The value of the console will be around $150-$200. If you have another game used along with it, let’s say Uncharted 4, the GameStop price for this game would bring the total to approx $225 before tax.

If you go into a store and trade in your PS4 at around 9:00 AM EST on December 26th (the day after Christmas) and the store is busy, you will most likely get $150. This is because GameStop does not want to check every single new PS4 box before they put it on the shelf for sale while also making sure their employees are checking each console while processing trades. 

If you go at a later time when the stores do not have as many people, you will most likely get around $160-$200. This is because the employees have time to check new PS4s before they go on the shelf for sale.

The prices stated above are from a GameStop located in Chicago, IL. Prices may vary by store. Remember that this is only a rough estimate and there can be exceptions due to store climate, new or used games that come with the console, and other circumstances.

You can also trade in your PS4 at a website such as: ebay, craigslist . They will give you $234 for an unopened PS4 and $218 for a used one without any games. These prices may vary depending on their offers during the time of trade-in. They also offer more value for 2 games with your PS4.

Note: This is just an estimate, no prices are exact due to circumstance and availability of consoles at each store.

I hope this article answered your question on how much you will get for a PS4 at GameStop! If you have any questions, please leave a comment.

Or check out this vlog where this youtuber was offered a flat $140 by the owner of a GameStop shop for an old PS4.

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