How Long Does It Take Gamestop To Ship Items To Your House in 2022?


Do you pre-order items from a video game retailer and how long do they take to get to your home?

GameStop is a popular online and physical store open in malls across America. At GameStop, they offer the latest new games as well as used discs and other accessories. You can sell your old video games, PS4 etc there. They also sell digital downloads of some titles as well. GameStop also offers pre-orders for the latest upcoming games.

Customers who enjoy GameStop’s range of services may be wondering how long it takes for an order placed through them to arrive once it’s been processed by the company. 

If you’re planning on pre-ordering their next big game, how long does it take Gamestop to ship it?

The company itself has not released an official statement regarding how long it takes for them to ship items. However, there are a number of factors that can affect how fast the item is sent once the order has been placed such as how quickly they receive stock, how many pre-orders they have and how far away you live from the nearest distribution center.

So if you’re looking for how long it takes Gamestop to ship items, this may take a few days, however the company has not released a shipping time for how long it takes. 

If you live near the store they can send you the product within 1-2 days but if you live far away from the nearest store it will take 3-5 days to deliver your product.

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