9 Great Microsoft Store Games to Kickoff Your Boredom

Great Microsoft Store Games

You might not have to play the latest and most advanced games when you’re out of mood. The Microsoft Store offers a wide range of free games in practically every genre. Here are some of the greatest free Microsoft Store video games you can install from store or proxy and enjoy to get you begun. 

Game makers are increasingly focusing on cross-platform video games. They touch a larger and more diversified audience than console games. The Microsoft Store contains many free for computers, if you are looking for androids then you can do it with the help of proxy site games that you can install. This list consists of several genres, such as accessible, racing, strategic, and mystery. Here are all the top 9 downloadable games you can install and play right now.

Asphalt 9: Legends 

The Asphalt game series has long been regarded as one of the greatest racing games available on the Microsoft Store. The current edition of Asphalt 9: Legends includes automobiles from existing brands such as Ferrari, Volkswagen, and Lamborghini.

You still get 70 different racing circuits set in other geographical areas like Asia and North America. In the Single player, you participate in over 800 races, while in the Championship Game Multiplayer mode, you may battle against up to 7 other players.

World of Tanks Blitz

Wargaming’s World of Tanks Blitz is an unlimited massively multiplayer online (MMO) game. The gameplay appears to be comparable to World of Tanks, with over 300 storage tanks from various countries such as the United States, Germany, Japan, and the Soviet Union.

Over 400 automobiles based on engineer drawings are available for driving. Gravity will cause your tank to float well above the floor. The video game is available for free download, but you may improve your automobiles with real money.  If world of tanks blitz fits your taste then enjoy it on your androids and smartphones by downloading it on https://thepirateproxybay.com/.


Roblox video provides a virtual world where you can explore, create, and take on any imagined character. Thanks to the gameplay, you may interact with other users and explore a range of virtual worlds.

The game relies on an ever-expanding library of virtual environments created by the community. Roblox has comprehensive cross-platform compatibility, allowing you to customise your avatar with fittings such as hats, clothes, faces, and gear.

Sniper Fury

As the names indicate, Sniper Fury centres around a sniper character that you play. As the match starts, your mission is to target and sharpshoot adversaries. As you advance, your arsenal of configurable clothing and weaponry expands.

Over 500 missions are available in which you must fire opposing infantry, air units, and armoured vehicles. Also, there is a multiplayer option where you may form your group.

Striker Zone: Gun Shooting Game Online

Striker Zone is a gun blasting game, as the name implies. It is among the most famous online 3D shooting games web, in which you must live in a Chernobyl disaster zone. The game provides a massive selection of weaponry, ammunition, and improvements for your warriors.

Several Chernobyl zones; select your favourite gun and engage in PvP fights. The simple controls are suited for both novice and experienced players because of the simple rules. There is a shared chat area where you may talk to your country’s stalkers. Ascend the warrior ranks to become the finest Chernobyl stalker.

Ludo king

Ludo was among the most popular games throughout the epidemic. Though most people prefer playing Ludo on their mobile, it is also accessible on PC. If you have Windows 10 and enjoy playing Ludo, you can get it for free from the Microsoft Store.

This game does not require an introduction because it’s been around for millennia. Both kids and adults enjoy this simple, stress-free game when played with friends and family. It is popular in India, Nepal, Pakistan, and various Latin American countries.

Flight Simulator 

Flight Simulator is among the most popular old classics on the Microsoft Store, available since 1989. Microsoft likes updates. Therefore this game has been routinely upgraded, and “Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020” was launched last year.

In these games, you may fly a variety of realistic and gorgeous aircraft, ranging from little planes to powerful wide-body jets. Microsoft Flight Simulator is most renowned for its visuals and genuine experience, and the visuals have progressed significantly over time. The game also allows you to visit over 2 million locations and fly across actual mountains, streams, highways, and much more.

The bubble Shooter game

To score as many points as possible, match three or more birds of the same colour and eliminate them from the area. You can blast ‘coin’ bubbles at each level and then invest them on the stage selection screen. You may either buy an additional try or unlock some more levels here. You may use your coins to unlock the yellow levels. 

Age of Empires Castle Siege

Microsoft Teams created and released Age of Empires Castle Siege, an online large multi-tower defense game. As a tower defense game, you get to build your small castle and defend it by strategically placing defensive weapons and warriors. Age of Empires Castle Siege will invade your court on occasion. You can endure the onslaught if your defense is strong. Otherwise, the invader will demolish the castle and take riches. You may, of course, assault other gamers for treasure and money. Because this is a strategy game, you may join different alliances. When you join an association, you may receive assistance from other individuals while the fortress is being invaded.


You may also enjoy essential yet entertaining freebies from either the Microsoft Store or proxy site. So these are the selection of top games available for Personal Computer and androids too. These games are the most enjoyable and thrilling. Play and experience by downloading.

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