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Video games are fun. We all love them but when played in excess, they can be toxic. This is why most parents wonder how to detox their child from video games! Are you one of them?

Is your child playing video games a lot? Well, if you’re looking for an answer to how to detox your child from video games, this is what you must read.

ComingGames is all about gaming but we care for you! We recommend playing all sorts of video games on various platforms. If your child’s health is at stake, we’ll also deliver the remedial measures first-hand!

Is your child is spending a lot of time playing their favorite games and you’re worried about their health? Read on for a possible solution to their game cravings.

But before we move on with the detox process, here’s what you need to know. Let’s read the top concerning effects of playing video games for long hours on their health.

Alright, so here’s the first thing you need to understand when you want to make your child play them less often. Let’s just say when you need to detoxify their gaming addiction by yourself, here’s what you should do!

Why your child love video games?

Understanding your child’s game addiction is the first thing you need to discover. What they might be getting in the video games is a thing to consider when you’re in the process of detoxing your child from video game addiction. It’s the prime thing you must begin with! 

Most children play video games for fun. Some kids on the other hand get surrendered to the virtual world but why? Possibly they might not be getting the appreciation, attention, and care they are craving in the real world.

This is why ComingGames brought you this detox therapy to get your child away from their video game addiction.

Make them comfortable

Your child might feel hesitant playing their favorite video game in front of you. Make them feel relaxed. Sit and read a book or do some casual things but don’t interfere with their gaming session.

Observe your child playing video games

Sit with them and observe what kind of games are they playing. There’s no need to ask them what they are playing. Don’t ask them why do they love that particular game. 

It might be a sport, racing, or platformer, anything can give your child a sense of satisfaction.

The next step to detox your child from video games

Once your child is comfortable playing games in front of you, start asking them about the game.

  • Do you love playing video games?
  • Do you love this particular game?
  • What elements in the game make you play it more and more?
  • How do you feel when you’re playing this game?

Don’t worry if your child isn’t giving you answers. In the beginning, this is quite obvious!

All you need is to just convey that you are interested in your child; this is the first step towards detoxifying them from video games.

You must be wondering why to observe your child when playing video games. Is it helpful? Yes, it is! 

The prime goal here is to develop a comfort level between you and your child. By doing so you will be able to build a rapport and proceed further with the detox process.

The process| How to detox your child from video games

  • The first thing’s first! You need to begin fresh. Alright! When with your child, get involved in the game and show your child you’re curious about what they’re playing. This will automatically bond you with your child and their gaming sessions.
  • Now comes the second thing; getting comfortable with your child. Build your presence around your child. Don’t make them anxious in your presence. Rather, your rapport will make them play their respective games with full involvement.
  • Video games are compelling and mostly reward-based. Sometimes the children’s need is a form of reward, which may be virtual. Is your child happy when they complete a level or unlock an achievement? It is possible that your child might be motivated with little achievements and appreciation, which they might not be getting in the real life.
  • Video games work as a recovery mechanism for most children who like to stay alone. When playing with your child, ask them how difficult they feel while playing a game. It’s possible that they might be able to handle their daily stuff using game logic.
  • Once your child starts to get comfortable and happy in your presence, now comes the time to boost your detox process. You need to go slow here. So don’t bother your child too much when playing video games.
  • Introducing your child to activities other than video games will work for sure! But make sure these activities are equally fun as video games are. If not at sudden, but gradually the child will start getting involved in recreational activities with you. This way, the cravings for video games and artificial achievements will bother them less as compared to the earlier times.
  • Asking them to small games with you is a good option. The games here aren’t video games. They can be a fun indoor game or just a small bicycle ride. All you need is a few minutes with your child to make them realize the world is beautiful beyond gaming too.
  • As your child progress, appreciate them, congratulate them. WHo doesn’t likes to be appreciated? I really love when rewarded! Appreciation is all that we need and when you celebrate with your child, they feel less driven towards video games and their virtual rewards.
  • Good things don’t happen in a day or two. Sometimes it takes more than we are prepared for. Be patient with your child. For some, it may take a week or two, but for some, the detox process can take a couple of months or more.
  • Last, but not least, don’t force them to not play video games. After all, video games aren’t bad, but yes, for a limited time. Therefore, just reduce their playing hours by involving them with other recreational activities. You’ll see the change for yourself.

You would be surprised if I tell you the benefits of video games for your child. And these benefits are proven. Some of them are based on research!

No doubt game addition is bad and might be depressing your child too but playing video games in a controlled manner can boost your child’s various skills too!

Games Aren’t bad After All

  • It’s a misconception that video games are bad for kids. Video games can develop your child’s skillset that might be hidden due to a lack of interaction from friends, family, and colleagues.
  • Video games can develop motor skills in people suffering from dyslexia.
  • Video games that involve team building and strategy can make your child a better decision-maker.
  • The respect for your peers can be gained with the guilds and co-ops your child might be playing through in particular video games.
  • Video games can reduce junk food craving and overeating

To learn more about video games being bad or good for your child, here’s our recent article on are video games bad for you!

Conclusion | How to detox your child from video games

So fellows, after this short discussion you must have got familiar with the fact that video games aren’t that bad for your child. But if they play it too often, you need to detoxify them so that their mental, emotional and physical growth is not hampered.

With these thoughts, it’s a small goodbye for now. Coming games will come up with new fun-facts and guides on video games from all over the world.

Once again, don’t stop your child from playing video games! They are fun and to an extent beneficial too. Under proper guidance, your child can get over the game addiction and get detoxified.


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