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games like fortnite

Fortnite battle royal taken over the world with its gameplay. Ninja spent 3800 hours of streaming in 11 months of 2018 and he’s making  $500,000 per month playing Fortnite. Can you believe this? And this information ninja had provided to CNBC. there are so many celebrities who played fortnite too. But there are so many other gamers who don’t like fortnite and wonders best games like fortnite on google then we’re here to help you. 

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Top 5 best games like fortnite in 2019

Our top 6 best games like fortnite in 2019 list contains all the best battle royal games which is so much popular and has similar gameplay. Fortnite became so popular other started couped the game or some copied just little part of the game whereas some just copied the whole concept of the game with same graphics. So let’s see the list of top game like fortnite in 2019.

Roblox Island Royal game

After playing this game the only thing I can say is “Smart work”. It’s totally inspired by fortnite and it looks like a low-quality version of fortnite. This game has robots like character (as you can see in the screenshot).

Island royal game has everything similar to fortnite like the health bar, timer kills and many more. They also offer you various promo codes to redeem. 

This game was launched in 3rd March 2018 so if you like mine craft games then this game will give you fortnite gameplay in mine craft graphics.

games like fortnite battle royal

Creative destruction

Playing creative destruction is like playing fortnite. This game looks like copy and paste of the Fortnite in spite it’s very easy to do kills on these games. This game was released on for PC and mobile for freeeee. 

It has a similar feature as fortnite including graphics, shield, the storm, building and many other. The only difference is you can upgrade the building to build stronger walls and there are lots of different items. 

Although some gamers prefer playing creative destruction because it’s easy to kills. Let’s look at the game trailer so you can get more idea about the game.

Rocket royal

Rocket royal is a mobile game which gameplay is similar to fortnite battle royale. Rocket royal is also a battle royale game, but the difference is that there’s an alternative way to win this game i.e you need to build the rocket and launch it you don’t have to be the last man to win the match.

In Rocket royal you can collect the material from the map to build the rocket and if you successfully build and launched the rocket then you can win the match easily doesn’t matter how many players are still alive. 

Apparently, it’s only for mobile and free but fortnite is free too and had more fun to play fortnite but you can try these games just for fun.

Realm royal:

Yes, this is another game which is similar to the fortnite. The gameplay of this is a bit different but graphics looks almost same  In realm royal, there are different classes you can choose each one has different abilities.

There are also envel around the map which you can use to get better and more powerful items. This the game which everyone thought that it will take over the fortnite. 

Streamer like Ninja also played this game which seriously has very good gameplay you can try this game if you want to try something similar to fortnite but bit different gameplay.


This is another game which is totally similar to fortnite but it’s a low-quality fortnite. The graphics quality is not too low as compare to other games.

If I talk about the gameplay of this game and I must say it is similar to fortnite. You jump out of the bus you go down and loot stuff and survive till the last and win the match. 

Fortcraft has similar supply drops, house build, bushes and lots of other things. You can do everything as you can do in fortnite only little changes you can see in this game. Now you can play for craft on mobile too.


All the above mentions games are those games who copied fortnite. Some games either have same graphics with a slight difference in the gameplay or some have same gameplay with change in the graphics. You can try all these games if you want to try something similar to fortnite.

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