Can A Gaming Laptop Mine Bitcoin Or Cryptocurrencies?

Can A Gaming Laptop Mine Bitcoin?

Are you interested in cryptocurrency and wondering whether your gaming laptop is good enough to mine digital currencies? 

You’ve come to the right place. If this sounds like a question that’s been on your mind, read on for our simple answer.

So can gaming laptops be used for mining? The answer is yes… but only to an extent.

Laptops don’t have the processing power required to effectively mine Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. In fact, even gaming desktops struggle to effectively mine Bitcoin.

Yes, laptops can still mine other cryptocurrencies though, such as Dogecoin (DOGE), ZCash, Ravencoin (RVN), etc.

Eventually, you won’t be able to mine these currencies because the algorithm will become too complex, and solving them will require high computing power.

You can continue mining other currencies if you’re just looking to test the waters and dip your toes into the world of cryptocurrency. If you want to get serious though, it’s best to buy a proper mining rig rather than a gaming laptop.

Expert Opinion On Mining Cryptocurrencies With A Laptop: 

Current laptops can’t handle mining cryptocurrency due to power requirements and heat. Laptops aren’t able to handle the power requirements needed for proper mining because they only have one limited power supply whereas desktops can have one or two. This isn’t optimal due to the way cryptocurrency like Ethereum works. If you use your laptop as it’s not meant to be used, you’ll quickly drain battery life and raise temperatures (which is bad for your laptop in general, chances of parts wear and tear).

Are there any other cryptocurrencies I could mine with a Gaming Laptop?

Sure, there are tons of them! For example, ZCash uses the Equihash algorithm which is pretty popular for mining these days. People also mine Monero, Dash, Litecoin, and more with their gaming rigs.

Comparison For Mining: Gaming Laptop VS. Gaming PC

If you are new to cryptocurrency mining, then one of your questions might be “can I build a gaming PC with the funds I have for a gaming laptop?”, or something similar.

A gaming PC can mine cryptocurrencies more efficiently than a gaming laptop due to the following reasons:

  • – A desktop has more upgradable components than most gaming laptops and therefore can mine more efficiently.
  • – It is cheaper to get a gaming PC setup (if you already have a monitor that is more than good enough), compared to the price of a gaming laptop.
  • – You can add more than 1 graphics card (depending on the power supply and motherboard) to a gaming PC, whereas you cannot upgrade the graphics card on a laptop. If you want to add an additional GPU it will cost more.
  • -Desktop Graphic card comes with full graphics power whereas laptop graphics comes with less Total Graphics Power TGP(depends on laptop model to model.)

For these reasons, if you are to invest in cryptocurrency mining then building a PC is usually the best course of action to take than a gaming laptop.

However, I don’t recommend either a gaming PC and gaming laptop for mining. Proper Rig is recommended if you want to be profitable in the crypto mining business.

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