Best games like fortnite battle royale

games like fortnite battle royal

It’s hard to believe that just a few short years ago when someone mentioned a chicken dinner we assumed they were talking about a delicious hot meal rather than successfully lodging a bullet in the brain of the last of 99 other armed survivors, how empty our lives were back then. since then fortnite has come along adding a slick Pixar s visual style bringing construction into the Battle Royale recipe and smashing both twitch and YouTube streaming records. If Fortnite has taught us anything it’s that if your games good enough then wild battle royale success can occur seemingly overnight. it’s going to take a lot to the top of Fortnite and PUBG off their respective perches but these are the contenders vying for success in the newly crowded battle royale genre here are 8 new games like fortnite battle royale that could be the next fortnight.

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List of 8 Best games like fortnite battle royale

1.The Darwin Project

The Darwin Project games like fortnite battle royale

The Darwin project is a battle royale game that you can play right now because it’s just recently launched into early access on Xbox one well maybe that should be early axes the title of the game refers to Charles Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest. the Darwin project differs from other battle royale games in some key ways that give this more of a Hunger Games vibe than anything else for a start each match has a show director who gets to close off zones to drive players together drop off power-ups and even dish out health to ailing players and occasionally they’ll drop a nuclear bomb.

The game show with only eight players in each round. it’s designed to be more about carefully hunting players rather than our usual strategy of being surprised by them and spraying bullets everywhere because the battles take place in the frozen Canadian Rockies.

You have to manage your temperature in order to survive as well but starting fires will lead other players to your position as the match continues players will end up leaving more clues that allow them to be tracked fortunately you can use the quick crafting system on the right bumper to craft ammunition traps and upgrades to help prevent your snowy axe rampage.

This game is a no 1 in our list of best games like fortnite battle royale.

link to the game site.


sos games like fortnite battle royale

SOS describes itself as a social survival game and it costs you not as a hard-bitten improvisational combat specialist but as a vapid reality television star doing their best to curry favor with the audience in this case that audience will be watching a live stream of the game and voting to alter the events of the match in real-time to help out their favorite players if like me you’re the annoying one in your circle of friends well then good luck. 

SOS will require every player to have a microphone and the idea is to form temporary allegiances by high-fiving. other players in order to collect one of four relics and earn yourself a ride on the helicopter off the island. crucially you don’t actually need the 15 other players to die for that to happen but hey there’s going to be a lot less arguing about who gets a window seat.

If everyone else is dead in addition to other Fame hungry survivors you’ll have to deal with Lacuna island’s menagerie of gross monsters though again discretion is the better part of not getting your head eaten off. there’s also a chance you’ll end up with a nasty infection that will need to be managed by consuming the local strain of mushrooms or cooking up an antidote. 

SOS is playable in early access on PC and isn’t actually confirmed for consoles as yet but this post from the community manager suggests that it’s definitely on the development teams list of ambitions for the game. whether or not a game that relies on everyone being civil over voice chat can actually work remains to be seen but I for one look forward to a polite constructive dialog with strained as I meet online. This game is a no2 in our list of best games like fortnite battle royale.

3.Dying Light: Bad Blood

Dying Light: Bad Blood games like fortnite battle royale

Dying lights standalone battle royale inspired game dying light bad blood. bad blood gets its title from the fact that as a player you’re attempting to secure samples of infected blood from zombie bosses on the familiar streets of Iraq. This is sort of stretching the definition of battle royale given that it’s designed for six players rather than say 60 plus players is less battle and more just battle. 

Still bad blood looks pretty cool all the players are trying to collect 1500 samples but there’s only so many to go around eventually you’re going to have to pick some of those samples of the lifeless corpse of one of your fellow players because there’s one seat on the evac helicopter and it’s reserved to someone with their pockets stuffed with zombie claret you aren’t on this chopper you’re gonna have to persuade them to give it to you or just kill them like any good battle royale game the odds will be tipped by the addition of airdrops though we reckon it’d take a little longer than this to get into a full ninja.

4.Island of Nyne: Battle Royale

Island of Nyne: Battle Royale games like fortnite battle royale

kick-started way back in 2016 and in development for even longer islands of nine Battle Royale has a distinct crisis vibe to its visual style it’s all rubber suits, dense jungle and lens flare basically gameplay-wise islands have nine is first-person only but otherwise plays the whole Battle Royale thing with a relatively straight bat with players dropping him from the sky pushed together by constricting play area and managing limited inventory space for their scavenged items the three maps are apparently fragments of a shattered planet turned into competitive arenas by a mysterious alien race called the nine who have probably put their alien feet up and are enjoying the entertainment with a bowl of alien popcorn.

The goal with Islands of nine is apparently to offer more engaging gunplay than other battle royale games with the developers aiming to make a great FPS game first and foremost and if our experience in other competitive shooters is anything to go by I’m sure we’ll experience that excellent gunplay for all of half a second before we get our brains splashed across a nearby palm tree by a more skilled player and have to head back to the server browser but that’s on us rather than the game islands of nines developers are currently in PC alpha and are focusing on that version of the game for now but it’s due to arrive on Xbox one and ps4 sometime after the full PC release

5. Paladins: Battlegrounds

games like fortnite battle royale

if you’re not familiar with paladins it’s essentially a free-to-play fantasy-themed overwatch a team-based class-based shooter with colorful characters each with their own skills and ultimate abilities but did we mention you ride a horse to get to the objective probably should have led with that. 

Paladins might seem like an overwatch tribute act but it’s also got its eye on player and loans battlegrounds as success as well in its paladin’s battlegrounds mode really dancing close to those copyright infringement lawsuits hey guys the base game for paladins is already on Xbox in early access and it’s actually worth a look if you somehow don’t already have a copy of overwatch battlegrounds boat was running in a limited time alpha on PC but is currently unavailable to play and it’s not entirely clear if and when it’ll be back it seems fair to assume that when battlegrounds mode is properly finished though we’ll get it both on PC and console two battlegrounds mode plays slightly differently from the base game adding items and cards that offer new abilities or upgrades and you can summon your horse whenever you like literally hoof it around the vast game map matches will feature the full hundred play accounts.

We’ve come to expect from battles royale and at the moment eight of the characters are available to choose from carrying their abilities over into the new mode probably best to pick the one who has a sniper rifle though right in probably the most exciting development in the whole Battle Royale genre though when you’re downed in a team battle royale you turn into a chicken and have a few seconds to attempt to flap your way to safety before you’re permanently killed. A literal chicken dinner LOL.

6.Survival Games: Battle Royale

games like fortnite battle royale

the first mistake survival games battle rail has made in its quest to be the next fortnight is being called survival games battle royale which makes extremely difficult to Google you just get a list of other potentially better survival games on the plus side though find the game and you’ll discover it takes inspiration not just from the wildly popular battle royale genre but from similarly wildly popular game Minecraft as well. survival games battle royale takes the cutesy blocky charm of Mojang’s building game but adds a load of lethal weaponry and blood for some reason. so, if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like.

If you could cave a Minecraft villager head in with a Warhammer and steal his clothes this is the game for you. survival games battle royale adds its own twist with maps that are dynamically generated at the beginning of each round meaning local knowledge is basically useless you’ll find the same structures and landmarks but there’ll be in different places and as you’d imagine from a Minecraft inspired game you can both destroy and construct like in fortnight’s changing the map permanently for every other player.

If you’re interested in survival games battle royale which is currently in PC beta and scheduled to eventually arrive on Xbox one steer well clear of Google and head to the 2.0 studios Twitter accounts where they’re leaving regular updates


games like fortnite battle royale

you might remember H1Z1 as a game that has been out for a while, in fact, the original version of H1Z1 was released to early access back in January 2015 and sold over a million copies in just two months with its king of the kill battle royale mode gaining huge popularity between then and now daybreak Studios split the project in two now when people talk about H1Z1 they’re referring to the free-to-play king of the kill and the original game is now called just survive even though the ZNH1 said one referred to zombies which aren’t inking of the kill. 

For the most part h1z1 plays like your standard battle royale game and in fact player unknown consulted on the game early in its development the biggest difference is that H1Z1 caters for up to 150 players in a single map because apparently battling against 99 other bloodthirsty maniacs isn’t enough for some people as of February this year the final version of H1Z1 has been officially released on PC and as of this month it’s just on free-to-play apparently it’s still the development teams eventual goal to bring that finished free-to-play game to consoles as well. 

As a unique addition, H1Z1 King of the kill also includes auto royale 30 teams of four players each bundled into a full seater car driving around shooting opponents.

8.Radical Heights

games like fortnite battle royale

A surprise late addition to this blog free to play battle royale game Radical Heights was announced and launched into steam early access this very week. Radical Heights is the 1980s themed multiplayer survival game that boasts colorful graphics video game arcades and rideable BMX bikes.

Where the game really fiddles with the formula though is with a cash system that carries over between rounds cash and items collected during rounds are added to your account and can either be spent on weapons to get better weapons earlier in the round or on cosmetic items if you’d like your corpse to look really good after you get shot by a guy who bought a rocket launcher. 

It remains to be seen how the introduction of money will affect the balancing of a game-mode that usually starts with every player on an equal footing but it’s by a development team called bosky led by Cliff Bleszinski famous for being lead designer on Gears of War so we assume he knows a thing or two about multiplayer shooters.

The end

So there you have eight new games like fortnite battle royale inspired games that are looking to dislodge fortnight’s and PUBG from your most played list but which one would you choose if you could have only one let us know in the comments

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