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Best Cheap Gaming Mouse Under $20

cheap gaming mouse 2019

Most of you think that buying a mouse more than $100 will make your gameplay better but that’s not true.

With the advancement in technology now you can do better with a cheap gaming mouse that performs better when it comes to doing professional gaming and you’re on a tight budget.

Don’t worry you got my back, in this article, you’ll read about the best cheap gaming mouse under $20.

Which is one of the best gaming mice currently available in the market. (make sure to check the table of content to get faster navigation).

Best Cheap Gaming Mouse Under $20


8 programmable buttons | 1200-7200dpi | optical sensor | RGB | weight 111G | Polling 1000hz | $19.99

cheap gaming mouse

Pictek is number one on the bestseller list of amazon. 

Design : 

The mouse has a nice textured side grip and button which makes it’s grip even better. The scroll wheel also gives a nice feel. Overall it’s very comfortable to hold during gaming and you can play gaming for a longer time without getting fatigued easily. 

If I talk about the software which is more advanced and you can change your RGB light. I can say this software is the most advanced in the budget gaming mouse segment. 

Mouse gaming performance:

This mouse is not too heavy nor too light, it’s a nice balance which you’ll definitely like. During intense gaming, you’re not going to see any flaws. You can use it for any playing any type of game it’ll definitely perform best in this price range. 

Using this mouse you can do gaming for a long time without getting fatigued easily. This mouse is also good for day to day work. 

Logitech G300s:

9 programmable buttons | 250-2500dpi | optical sensor | RGB | weight 80G | Polling 1000hz

cheap gaming mouse 2019

If we talk about the brand itself it is one of the best-known brand in the gaming world. Their build quality is one of the best things which makes the Logitech world’s best brand.

Their quality is top-notch and best part is now their mouse also comes with a lower price with steady build quality. 

Design and specs: 

This is an optical gaming mouse which goes for $20 If we talk about design more suitable for medium and tiny size hands. The cool thing about this mouse is extra 9 programmable buttons at the top which is great for macros. 

This button gives you more fast control over the gameplay as you can customize these buttons functions with software that you can set according to your needs. 

You can play any games according to your required sensitivity. Thanks to the adjustable dpi setting which you can set from 250-2500 which is good and you don’t want more than this. ( If you need more sensitivity we also have another mice within the same budget so hold on tight)

This is one of the best cheap gaming mice in which you can get under $20 but there are some cons about this mouse.

You can customize RGB lighting on the side of the mice which you can set up to various other options choose whichever you like.

Mouse Gaming Performance:

Although the mouse is light still it requires little more force while clicking not too much which will not make it deal breaker at all.

It would be better if they can add some type of texture over the scroller it tends to get slippery when you have sweaty or oily hands, which is not good if you really really are a pro intense gamer. If you have larger hands then do not buy this mouse you’ll not found this mouse comfortable.

Hiraliy F300

7 programmable buttons | 500-1000dpi | optical sensor | RGB | weight 94G | Polling 1000hz

cheap gaming mouse

This gaming mouse comes at $18. The cool thing I like about this mouse the lightning. RGB goes around the mouse in a cyclic manner which is not noticeable until you don’t look it carefully.

You also got a dedicated LED button right next to the dpi button which lets you cycle through a few different effects. However, you do have more options for lightning which you can change through software.

I don’t know why I seriously don’t like the software most of the cheap gaming mouse as they’re very buggy, I only used once to change my mouse lightning that’s all I never want to use them again but you can still use it and add different functionality to 7 Programmable buttons.

Mouse Gaming performance:

I must say one of the most comfortable mice in the cheaper segment. Side grips are comfortable while playing games and weight is light which makes it easy to lift and slide around during gaming for the longer time period. Buttons are easy to reach you can easily access all the buttons during the gaming. 

I would like to see texture onto the scroll wheel but it’s not a big deal I kind of like the rubber type grip on it. I would say this mouse is good for all grip types as it’s not to flat or round however, it’s only designed for right-handed users only. 

Its clicks are not so loud and click provides great feedbacks better then G300s mice. There are so many things which will catch your eyes when you first brought this mouse. 

I Really used this mouse for a while now I really loved this mouse it is one of the best gaming mice in the cheap gaming mouse segment.

Redragon M711 Cobra

7 programmable buttons | 500-10000dpi | optical sensor | RGB | weight 105G | Polling 1000hz | $17

cheap gaming mouse

Here comes another champion in the cheap gaming mouse segment. This RGB gaming mouse is way better than M601 cobra for several reasons and We would say this gaming mouse is the leader in this list. You can’t get better than this in this price range.


First of design which is way more comfortable for any type of hand. You can play games for longer times without getting tired quickly. I found this first mouse in the cheap gaming mouse segment which has better software than others where you can customize your 7 programmable buttons, add different lighting effects. 

There are 2 dpi buttons on the top to cycle through the sensitivity and the third one button is for RGB control. This budget gaming mouse has a nice smooth surface with texture grips all around which will help you in playing games for a longer time duration. This mouse is best for playing fps games.

Mouse gaming Performance:

While playing games clicks provides very grateful feedback and tracks well on both hard and cloth surface. So no need to worry much about a better mouse pad. While CS: GO  and PUBG is fun to play with this gaming mouse as it gives better sensitivity options and it’s very comfortable you can play it for a longer time with no fatigue. 


I’m so sorry I guess this is the best gaming mouse under $20.

Redragon M601

6 programmable buttons | 800-3200dpi | optical sensor | Red LED | weight 104G | 

cheap gaming mouse

This one is the most popular cheap gaming mouse on Amazon and it has created its own space in the sale of a cheaper gaming mouse segment. It cost approx 12 dollars ( check the exact price because sometimes items on amazon might be on sale


If we talk about comfort, and you’re gamer who is going to play games for a longer duration then it is not the most ergonomic mouse on the list.  It feels very rough while touching due to texture on the top of the mouse buttons. And it’s got ABS plastic side grips which not that good to grip. 

It’s a very flat mouse so it’s not ideal for claw or finger type of grip however for palm users it’s great. What’s the other thing I do like the most is the texture on the side buttons as well as a scroll wheel. 

Gaming performance: 

For gaming it’s not a bad mouse, it’s definitely got the job done as it only cost you $ 12. it’s very light, it tracks well and you can adjust the weight by removing the rear cover and you can remove some weights as you can see on the pictures. 

Ending words I would say after playing CS:GO is the mouse is lightweight you can add or remove weight, sensitivity is good enough. No problem at all with the sensitivity. Feedbacks of the clicks are much quieter and smoother than the G300s.

 it’s only for $12 dollars and you’re getting what you’re paying for I’m surprised as I’m not expected this much of good feedback from this mouse and my rating is 2.5 out of 5.

You can disable lightning with poorly build software. Might be deal-breaker of the hater of red color. As the name suggests dragon so it’s red in color. 

Redragon M602

7 programmable buttons | 1200-7200dpi | optical sensor | RGB | weight 112G | Polling 1000hz | Right-handed | $16.99

cheap gaming mouse

Redragon M602 is the mouse for larger hands because it’s a bit larger in size your tiny hands might feel difficult to play with this mouse for a longer time. 

Design :

It has a contour shape and has subtle resting points for thumb and pinky fingers on the other side. 

Mouse gaming performance:

You’ll definitely feel comfortable if you have larger hands and you can easily play for a longer time without getting fatigued easily.  Despite it, I really like the mouse you can easily slide it and you might need some time to get used to it to pick it up as it’s wide in size. 

I don’t recommend it for fast-paced games and scroll wheel has a textured grip to it which makes it more comfortable to scroll. 


Once again which is with most of the budget gaming mouse is software expect Pictek. Its software is very buggy you can hardly change the RGB lighting. 

They can improve a little bit better then they could get a better rating. 


0 programmable buttons | 800-2400dpi | laser sensor | RGB Rainbow only | weight 105G | Polling ? | $9.99

cheap gaming mouse

Don’t worry my friend If you’re on a seriously tight budget then this cheap RGB gaming mouse might be for you. This mouse is the cheapest gaming mouse on our list. 


This budget gaming mouse is more on the larger side and slighter heavier than other but still it’s comfortable to use.

If you see the RGB lighting on the cheap gaming mouse then you’ll notice the cracked lightning all over the mouse and it totally depends on your choice whether you like it or not. 

What is not good is that you can’t control the lightning which they should have given. Although most of the budget gaming mouse has nicest lightning control through software which a user can customize according to their preference. 

It really has nice scroll wheel and side buttons are a bit too high which and a little bit thinner. Clicks on this mouse are a little bit louder than all the other gaming mice on the list( yes it’s louder than the Logitech G300s). 

Mouse Gaming Performance: 

The ergonomic shape design and a nice scroll wheel with rubber surfaces provide you a comfortable feeling in hand for a long time.

This mouse really works smoothly on the and grips on the side combined with the concave design rally make this mouse easy to lift and slide around.

But overall playing games with this mouse you might not enjoy it well as you can do with other mice as it does feel like to require little more force while playing the game. 

But If we see the price it’s just only cost you approx $10 so it’s not that bad and you can easily play games with these cheap gaming mice.


All the mice listed above come with their own cons and pros. Although these mice are the best cheap gaming mouse you can get under $20 on Amazon.

They are the best seller and has some of the best reviews afcoss they also have some negatives reviews but believe me there no other mice better than these on the internet.

Just select your budget and choose any of the mice from the list. I can guarantee you’ll enjoy playing games with these mice.

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