2022 Best Apex Legends Tips for Beginners 

Best Apex Legends Tips for Beginners

Since its release in 2019, Apex Legends quickly rose to fame and is still considered by many the best, most complex, battle royale shooter game.

If you’re fairly or completely new to the game or genre but you’d like to try it out, here are some of the best Apex Legends tips for beginners that will help you navigate your very first games (and some that will always be helpful, even after you’ve been playing for a while).

Don’t Rush Into It

It’s easy to want to immediately jump into a game and get that sweet win – but Apex Legends is a pretty hard game, mechanically speaking.

The best thing to do if you’re a beginner, is to spend some time in training mode to get used to the controls, aim, movement, etc.

This is also a good time to try out as many characters as you can and find the one that fits your style best, which brings us to…

The Legends Matter!

Understand each hero as best as you can, and don’t worry – Apex Legends offers you a huge variety to choose from!

Spend time getting to know them – what their strengths are and how to take advantage of them when playing the heroes, what their weaknesses are and how to attack those when playing against them. 

Another important aspect is how the Legends work together. Apex Legends remains, at the end of the day, a team game, and you want to be able to complement your teammate’s Legends in a way that will grant you victory! 

Don’t Cheat nor Look for Shortcuts!

It goes without saying that if you want to have fun in Apex for a long time, you need to have your account in good standing.

That’s why, it might be tempting at first, whilst a beginner in Apex Legends, to look for various shortcuts to improve your ranking.

Keep in mind that cheating, of any type, is taken very seriously by EA, and they’ll be swift with permanently banning you.

However, if you play legitimately and still manage to get banned, that’s likely due to other players falsely reporting you.

Don’t worry though, it’s nothing you can’t fix if you submit an Apex Legends ban appeal.

Experiment with the Settings

The shooting mechanics of Apex Legends are meticulously complex, and one setting you will have to tweak to find your own sweet spot is the mouse sensitivity – trust me, it will matter a lot more than you’d think to have the best aim possible!

Another thing you can play around with is your field of view.

It’s best to have it as wide as possible, as more peripheral vision is always an advantage, but feel free to take it slow if it’s too overwhelming on the eyes at first. 

Remember that, as you learn and your playstyle evolves, you might want to change the settings every now and then to have the best experience. 

Move, Move, Move!

If possible – never stop moving, and when you do, make sure it’s for as little time as possible.

One situation to keep in mind is, if someone starts shooting at you while you’re running, no matter where, don’t stop to aim, as that turns you into a static target that’s way easier to hit.

Practice aiming and shooting while running, crouching, sliding downhill, jumping, anything you can think of. 

Timing is Everything in Late Game

Say there are 3 teams remaining in the game, and yours is one of them.

You know the saying – while two dogs are fighting for a bone, the third one runs away with it. 

Wait for the other two teams to fight. Wait some more, for the fight to be close to over.

When one of the teams almost wiped the other one out – wipe them out! They’re damaged and unexpecting, and the other team is already nothing to worry about.

You don’t want to jump in at the start or in the middle of the fight, as that would only become an extremely chaotic experience. Have patience when needed and you will be rewarded. 

Happy Team, Easy Win 

In any team-based game, communication will always be key.

Stick to your teammates as much as possible and try to be useful to everyone by pinging resources and enemies on the map. Be there for them, and they will be there for you.

Keep in mind that you’re already fighting against a huge number of other teams, you don’t want to also be caught in a conflict in your own team. 

Final Thoughts 

Just like any other game that is heavily based on mechanics and your own skill, you should always strive to practice as much as possible.

Apart from that, pay a lot of attention to your own mistakes, your teammates’ (or enemies!) good and bad plays, and learn something from everything you encounter.

Knowing this, you have the best mindset possible to start playing Apex Legends and quickly learn all of the game’s secrets! In that regard, we hope our Apex Legends beginner tips helped you better understand the game! Have fun and play smart!

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