Best Animated Video Maker Website in the USA 2021

Best animation maker website

Are you looking for the best website to make animated videos within the USA? You’re in luck! 

With these sites, you can create your own animated videos without any prior experience. It’s so easy, and there are thousands of free templates available for you to use. Best of all, you can turn your videos into amazing works of art that will impress anyone who sees them!

So, let’s start with the list: 


VidToon is a professional online animated video maker website. It can help you create wonderful and eye-catching animations with simple steps. Besides, the animators of Vidtoon have developed many templates for users to use directly without spending too much time on making some designs themselves. Moreover, it is one of the best websites in 2021 that offer free trial services so that all customers can make sure of the quality before they purchase.


Renderforest is another professional and reliable website for creating animated videos. With Renderforest, you can get access to 100+ templates of amazing designs with only a few clicks. 

What’s more?

This tool is also equipped with an online video editor which allows users to add their own images, texts and even music into the animations for further customization before publishing. 

This website also allows you to create logos, build websites, graphics design and more. Plan starts with $0 forever with 300 MB storage for new customers to make their own judgement of the quality before they purchase. Renderforest is at 2nd position in the list of best websites to make animated videos.


Vyond is an online animated video maker that helps you create videos for business, social media and much more. It’s a powerful tool to help your company grow in all areas of marketing including brand awareness, product launch campaigns and customer engagement. 

The best part is it’s easy to use and you can create animated videos in under an hour!

Vyond is the perfect animation software if you want to :

– Create promo videos for products or services : Vyond allows you to create promotional video campaigns with ease so that your viewers fully understand your message.

– Create animated explainer videos : Why would you want to use an animated video maker? Animated videos are the best way to engage your audience and increase brand awareness.

– Create product launch campaigns : Product launches can be incredibly complicated, but using Vyond it’s easy to create a compelling narrative for any new service or product.

The Pro package is $159 per month for 3 users only. 


Animaker is an excellent website for creating animated videos. It has more than 1000 templates with which you can make different types of animations in the shortest time possible. 

You can also convert text to audio in a human-like voice and other features this video maker website offers are Presentation Maker, Explainer Video, Video Editor, 2D Video Maker, Intro Maker, Photo Video Maker, Promo Video Maker,  Music Video Maker etc. 


PowToon is another best animated video maker website in 2021. PowToon is a free online tool that enables users to make engaging and professional videos quickly, which you can embed on your blog or social media page. 

You can make any type of video from 100+ template galleries, whiteboard doodles, animated videos and presentations.  You can also create your custom character animate to match your brand and audience. 

PowToon start with 279/M. Know more here>>


It is hard to decide which tool is best for you. All tools offer amazing features and are so easy to use. But first, think about how much money you want to spend monthly and then start testing these websites one by one. At the end of this test, decide which of these websites is really best for you.

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