Are Video Games Bad For You? 10 Reasons to Say Yay or NaY!

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Do you know that video gamers spend more than 3 billion hours per week sitting in front of their screens? 


I hope most of you don’t! So, does this make video games bad for you?

Hi, welcome back to ComingGames where we only talk about VIDEO GAMES. ‘Are video games bad for you’ is a debatable topic on which health experts and psychologists often come to different opinions. Some research suggests that video game players show improvement in attention, focus, decision-making, and coordination, while researchers also discover that video games can be addictive, which can cause Social disconnection, poor mental health, may increase aggression.

So why not dig into the pros and cons of gaming to learn about the gaming world.

In this informative article, 

  • I’ll be sharing with you, why video games are not bad for your health, mental, physical as well as emotional!

For me, video games are not bad at all! 

Let me tell you below the perks of being a gamer that will surely change the misconception of games being bad for you all!

Here are the top 10 reasons that contract the question, are video games bad for you!

Video Games Cut cravings

Research has proven that people who play video games are less prone to over-eating, smoking, or drinking. Playing video games regularly can reduce the tendency to above habits by up to 24 percent. Wow!

Video Games Reduce Stress

Video games indeed reduce stress. The time you are involved in playing a game, you are engulfed in the video game environment itself and therefore kept away from the stress and anxiety you may be fighting with. So who says video games are bad for you? They’re not!

So if you’re boggled with the misconception that video games are bad for you, it’s time to reconsider.

Boost Your Reading Skills

Studies have proved that kids who play video games also get a short reading boost. During a video game session, they need to read the text and respond to it within the time frame. Similarly, they get to read and understand the text better. As the video game plays the role of a reading exercise/module here!

Visual-Spatial Skill Boost 

The visual-spatial concept is the understanding of distance and space. Kids who play Minecraft sort of games have a better ability to remember places, distance better than the ones who just-do-not play video games at all. Children playing video games have a higher tendency to understand maps and navigation than before.

Well, we’ve learned that video games boost up our mental abilities. So after all, games aren’t bad for your health.


Video games are good and shouldn’t be considered bad for health; if played for a limited period. Games like Age Of Empires or puzzle games challenge your mind and make it use its core. Therefore, playing games that use your mental strength enhances your decision-making and problem-solving ability to a good extent. 

Video Games Produce Better Doctors/Surgeons

There was proven research that showed that medical students who played surgery on a simulator were 33% more effective, concentrated, and accurate than their counterparts. So we can say that video games aren’t bad for you. Well, at least I have a huge thumbs up for video gamers!

This might not be true for everyone but yes, what’s wrong with performing the right surgery on a simulator rather than making mistakes on someone in person.

Helps Address Autism

Video game controls do not just focus on your particular body organ/sense. It uses your sight, balance, response time, and decision making. People fighting autism often remain socially solitary but the video game community can give them a chance to get upfront and become an active member of the hub. So it’s good playing video games.

Slows Down the Aging

You might find it hard to believe but video games reduce the aging process. People who play brain games, puzzles, and problem-solving games are to age slower than people who don’t scrub their brains at all. Studies have shown that this cognitive improvement lasts for years and therefore your overall body ages slow as compared to the counterparts who aren’t into gaming at all. 

Who wants to get old when you can live like a teen. Well kidding, but surely video games boost your morale and motivate us towards a healthy lifespan.

Can Help in Dyslexia

We all know that video games need cognitive-motor movements. People who suffer from dyslexia were made played games full of action. The research concluded that a majority number of the subjects post-research people showed immense improvement in reading. So, once again I ask you, are video games bad or not? I firmly believe that they are not!

Vision booster

Most of you must be thinking that I’m kidding. Well, if you don’t sit too close to your screen, surely you can improve your vision by playing video games. As I already discussed, games improve your cognitive skills. The more you play, the more you need to concentrate. When you concentrate, your eye muscles move and the more they move, the more they remain functional.

Remember, don’t sit too close to your media screen. Prolonged exposure can cause epilepsy and vision alterations!

Therefore, playing video games is not bad at all.

Safety Measures When Playing Video Games

Well by now you must have got an idea how video games aren’t bad for you. But before winding up this blog, I would also like to share the things you need to keep in mind when playing video games so that it doesn’t spoil your physical, mental, or emotional wellbeing.

  1. Use a room with proper ambient lighting so that a dark environment does not affect your eyesight.
  2. Play games in small sittings. Avoid sitting in a particular position for over an hour. It may hamper your spine’s flexibility.
  3. Avoid playing games that cause you epilepsy. Some people tend to feel dizzy and uncomfortable while seeing bright color patterns or sudden camera movements. They must avoid playing games that come with epilepsy caution. 
  4. When playing video games for long hours, use strain-free glasses. It will not let the harmful rays destroy your vision in any way.
  5. Staying hydrated is the key to any work. Whenever play the game for more than 20 minutes, I recommend sipping normal water so that you don’t feel exhausted.
  6. Play games daily, but play them for a limited time. Don’t compromise your studies, career, and other essential things for games until or unless your career is gaming!
  7. Don’t play games if you are ill! Video games are fun but they also make your brain and body do a bit of workouts. Therefore, only go ahead with gaming when you’re in the best state of body and mind.

All right! So these were not many but a few very important things to keep in mind when you will be gaming with your family and friends. Don’t force too much on playing when you need to relax. 

But as I said, games are not bad for health if you play them under the guidance and measurable timings. 

So with this thought in mind, I’ll wrap up the blog ‘are video games bad for you!

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