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Best Mini Fun Games to Play with Friends Online on PC

best fun games on PC

So you’re not that hardcore type of gamer who likes to play Shooting hardcore games then here are some fun games to play with friends on PC. If you’re looking for the best professional games then this list might help you. All the listed games are small games and only meant to enjoy the gameplay. 

This list is not about new games at all it about funniest games to play on pc and list may include 1 or 2 years old games too because some games are still fun to play as it was early. 

More importantly, I’m not going to explain the whole gameplay just going to give you the overview so that you’ll know what’s the game all about and why it included in the list. 

Some included games on the list are all about hitting your friends with something ridiculous giant snake and this list is a collection of multiplayer hilarious games that are best shared with as many people as possible.

Here are the best funniest games to play on PC

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy

I personally like this game so much. This game is fun and one of the frustrating game you’ll ever play in your life. Someone, it might be frustrating whereas some complete it within 3 min.  Gameplay of this game is simple you just have to climb at the top as the name suggests. 

This game starts as a man in a pot with a hammer and in this game you’re a hiker. Goal of the game is to get over the obstacles in front of you and reach the top of the mountain. 

Oh, boy If you’re thinking it that simple than I must tell you this is one the most frustrating game which will wanna make you kill yourself. Don’t believe me and try it yourself. 

It’s get so hard to climb till the top although if you see footage it looks damn easy. The worst part is when you’re almost worked hard to reach some height but when you fell down back closer to the point where you started to climb. 

Just try this game you’ll enjoy and frustrate with this game. This is not a big game you can end it within 3 minutes like this boy did in the clip but I don’t know about you give it a try. This might be the best fun games to play with friends on PC although it’s not a multiplayer game. 

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Pummel party   

This game has few things in common chunkey humanoid heroes and primary colors of fine selections of hats and endless parade of levels that change when you’re just beginning to get comfortable. 

Pummel party excels at all of these things by offering a relentless barrage of fun ideas that demonstrate the variable skills that you‘ve learned in-game. 

You have to do simple tasks in this game which is killing your friend, collect keys, buy goblets. Yes, my dead fellow gamers you got to kills your friends which is even more fun when you got to play this game with your friends. (Nothing is better than killing your own best friend). 

Here the key is money in the game through which you can buy the goblets to win the game. These keys are important to collect as they help to win the game. 

How to collect keys in the Pummel party? 

There are many sources you can collect keys which include:

  • Winning minigames
  • Landing on key octagons
  • Stealing key from other players

In short, there are minigames and each round of minigames is used to determine the order of the next round. They also give out items and keys to winners. There are around 8 different minigames to play and they all require different skills to win the match. Each minigame has a different and unique gameplay which is also fun to play.

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Worms WMD: 

Worms are counted as one of the funniest games on the list which was released on released on 23 August 2016. 

This game is not only about fun but also a tense game of strategy and explosives which you really gonna enjoy.

Gameplay and Review of Worms WMD:

If you’re underestimating this game with easy and fun then I must tell you this game is loaded with cartoonish worms charm and clever weapons which you can’t even imagine some weird weapons are sheep launcher, banana bomb, sheep on a rope.  

 The charm of worms comes with the anonymous invertebrates and their vast arsenal items. 

This cute little creature creates the jockey phrases as they traverse the destructive stages with jetpacks and parachute and grapple hooks. 

Once the enemy in the range it’s all the matter of deploying over the top attacks form baseball attacks, fire punches, all the way up missiles and airstrikes. 

WMD also has powerful vehicles like a helicopter through which you can fire, tanks, mech suits. Most of then have high destructive capabilities. 

Another innovation in WMD is that you can assemble new weapons from elements collected on the battlefield during the battle and can be rebuild during the enemy turn. 

Worms could be bit user-friendly by pointing out which item are necessary to craft on certain stages but it’s an element that becomes more enjoyable with practice as I stated earlier you not gonna enjoy this game until you become good at this game. 

You can unlock many customization options and there is plenty of reason to continue the fight even before turning multiplayer. Give this game a shot first understand the game properly only then you’re going to enjoy this game.

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Heave Ho 

Heave Ho is a co-op platform game that will definitely bring smiles and fun into your face. As this game is crazy that’s why it is included int he list of funniest games to play with friends on PC.  

The mission here is simple I must say soooo simple, just to get to the endpoint without getting died and the fun part is the way you get to one point to another. 

Your hands have some kinds of magnets which stick on the surface and you have to help each other to get to the endpoint. 

You joint each other hand swings each other and through your partner to another surface then you parter will help you to come on to the other side by graphing on the rope and tossing each other to help to get on the other point. 

There are so many obstacles you’ll face to reach the winning point but I personally really enjoyed this game and you definitely going to enjoy the game. 

The hardest part of this game is the more player you are the tougher the game becomes. If you’re multiplayer then all the players have to get to the endpoint only then the mission is completed.

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Heavy burger

When I first heard the name of the game I thought it would be something related to making burgers like cake making games which we used to play on windows that come pre-installed. I don’t know about you but I played that game lol. Jerk I know..

But when I open it for the first time it looks something filled with anger, chefs who want to kill with their bazooka which hits donuts and burgers to kill someone.

heavy burger review

So you can play either custom matches meaning 1 to 4 players or single local player only.

It will take you to the battleground whose graphics look like data Easts arcade games such as burger time and heavy barrel and put them into a screen-based thing.

Basically you have to grab the bag which is in the center of the table when the stage begins. Now all the 4 players try to catch the bag while shooting each other with guns.

After getting the bag you need to follow the arrow to get out the next stage likewise you have to clear all stages with the bag to win the whole match. But the game not ends here it’s only the beginning of the game.

Once you got the bag with money then you opponent might kill you before you try to go to the next stage and then your opponent gets the bag and then he tries to take the bag himself so we have to stop them doing this and try to take the money bag with us.

The is game will keep you engaged and it’s lots of fun to play while shooting and take the money to the bank.


This game is more enjoyable for the chefs and those who love cooking food. In this game, you’re going to get the many cooking challenges. As the name suggests if you missed a single step of the cooking it will burn up your whole kitchen….pewww that tough.

This is a local co-op game asking 4 players to work together for full 3 mins at a time performing a simple action.

Gameplay is simple:

One button picks up the things like ingredients, plates etc, depends on the station front you’re standing.

This game gets more fun the more people you have playing it. Don’t play it alone you might not enjoy it as you going to enjoy this with your 4 friends.

You must try this game as it is one the funniest game to play with friends on pc and you can easily get it for Xbox but we’ve other list prepared for Xbox gamers.

Stick fight

These stick games are not only famous for computers but also pretty much famous in mobile gaming world too and there are plenty famous for memes.

It’s cheap game but really nailed the list as it is one of the best funniest games to play with friends on PC. It’s really very good game if you have friends with you to play this game.

You can easily have endless hours of fun, shooting, stabbing and crushing your friends in numerous ways.

Little overview gameplay of the Stick fight:

In this game, you including your 3 best crazy friends get landed into an arena or stage where you have to fight with each other and after winning each time the different stages will come up with different challenges.

For eg: 1st stage is simple simply fight with each other destroy everything on the stage. After winning you will be spawn to another stage which might have move boxes which will drag you out of the stage if you didn’t dodge it while fighting each other and there are numerous stages which will keep on coming and amaze you with a new fun challenge.

What about gun?

Hell yeah.. Here guns will be spawn during the match and if you want gun then you need to get it before your opponents.

You’ll get a rifle , you can kill here with water And you also have a crazy snake gun which can kill you instead of killing your friend so be careful.

Hmmm…your mind might be thinking about killing your all friends easily but you are wrong my dear. It’s not that easy to kill friends due to challenging stages.

Why it’s ranked below because there are little bugs in this game sometime platform gets stuck at one place, falling out at certain levels and 1-2 more bugs which they must fix. Regardless you can go crazy with playing this fun game with your friends.

Raider of the Lost Island

This game is a competitive carte game.

We’ve to build a boat together but also get as much treasure as possible. It’s a kind of treasure hunting game which is a multiplayer game and fun to play with friends on PC.

Before the game start, you’ve to choose the adventure time like short, medium and long each type of adventure has their own time limit to spend in-game.

Raider of the Lost Island character and gameplay overview:

This time I’ve to talk about the character which you choose because I myself like the characters in this game which is quite interesting and graphics also look small and cartoonish which I truly found cute. You can choose your character from various options like Santa, skeleton skin, thief and many more.

Purpose of the game is simple build the boat and collect the tressure and also dodge the giant rocks whch will crush your little buts.

Another thing is that map also filled with traps so you’ve to be careful with this. You definitely gonna gonna love to be gold collector and take the little adventure on the game. Because of its adventure map, it got placed into our list of best fun games to play with friends.


All right folks how many of you love to join the party of the octopus? Yeah, you heard me right octopus party this fun game is all about taking the birthday present to the party and for this, you have to do a race with your friend in which you both try to take the present while running towards the party. ( watch the trailer for better understanding of the game).

Overview of Havacado gameplay:

Before the game, You can change your avatar. after changing the avatar game starts. You and your friend had given a gift which you have to take to the party and whosoever first takes the present to the party wins the match

while taking the gift you have to fight with each other and try to snatch the gift from each other while running.this game is one of the funniest games to play on pc with friends, but if you want to play this game online then you can play because there are no AI bots. drawback of this game is you can’t play this game alone. although that’s not a deal-breaker for many of you.

This is a kind of racing game that has various levels you get to play when you keep on winning the matches. then there are so many stages and there are very less chances to get to play the same stage again

It only lacks in AI bots To play a solo game. it is one of the funniest games you will see in the list


The gameplay of this game is simple. You directly land on the small playground in which you have to fight with each other.

You can play with 4 friends and the color of your character either will be red, blue or orange. Every color has a unique name, for example, red is called Aero, blue being Aqua, green is Army, Orange being Alchemy.

As said earlier This is a co-op game whose sole purpose is the last man standing wins the match.

After the update new mode has been added to the game which is PVP mode in which player who kills 7 first wins the match.

We’ve to kill each other with guns, bombs, machine guns, and lots of other heavy weapons. You just name one and you’ll get that weapon in this game.

Every stage has something new and different to offer which makes this game very enjoyable with friends.

You must try this game and you’ll definitely going to love these jelly type characters and killing each other off with heavy guns.

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